Take a closer look at Self-storage

11 August 2017

Are you considering self-storage? Do you think one storage facility is the same as the next? Think again! Here are things to consider and help you take a closer look: Access – 24/7 access is a must have! You want to be able to get to your things when you need them. Not when the office is open, or only in business hours. Choice – The storage facility should have a variety of sizes from very small

When your collection/hobby becomes too large to handle…

28 July 2017

Is your collection or hobby threatening to take over your household? Or maybe not as bad, but slowly getting bigger and bigger and you know you need to get more room…but where? It’s time to invest in a secure storage unit that is accessible 24 hours, 7 days a week. You can set up your storage unit exactly how you want it to best accommodate your collection or hobby. Or you can simply store part or

Tips on packing your valuables

17 July 2017

Everyone knows that moving isn’t fun, but most people have to move at some time or another in their lives. Packing isn’t really an exact science, but there is nothing worse than unpacking and finding some of your much loved or valuable items broken/damaged. Yes, off course there is insurance, but some items have deep sentimental value. Or they are just really difficult to replace. These valuable i

Take the plunge – go travelling! (& store your stuff)

30 June 2017

You have always wanted to do it, but there are so many reasons why it hasn’t happened yet. Maybe you have been waiting until the kids are grown up, or you wanted to finish your studies first. Although we cannot help you get the big things sorted, we most certainly can help you with the smaller ones so you can finally take the plunge and go travelling! Self-storage can help – consider this: If you

Get organised for winter outside the home

16 June 2017

Now that you have the inside of your home ready for winter, it’s time to get organised outside. Pets: Ensure your outdoor pets have sufficient dry shelter from the elements Check their bedding regularly to ensure they can sleep warm and dry   Gutters: Ensure the gutters are free of leaves and debris otherwise these will overflow and cause damage with the rainy season   Garage/Shed:

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