Get organised for winter outside the home

16 June 2017

Now that you have the inside of your home ready for winter, it’s time to get organised outside. Pets: Ensure your outdoor pets have sufficient dry shelter from the elements Check their bedding regularly to ensure they can sleep warm and dry   Gutters: Ensure the gutters are free of leaves and debris otherwise these will overflow and cause damage with the rainy season   Garage/Shed:

Get organised for winter inside the home

03 June 2017

The weather is slowly getting colder. Everyone is getting their winter woollies out and making sure the woodpile is stocked for those cold winter nights which are coming. As you are searching frantically for a jumper to match your outfit each morning… or reaching for socks & shoes rather than your thongs, there is something to consider… You can use this change of season to get organised for th

Practical tips for when you are in-between homes

19 May 2017

Have you just sold your house? Or just bought a place but it is a few weeks before you can move in? Here are a few tips that can save you time and money: Off course renting a place in the interim is always an option, but it could be costly and tie you down in a lease for longer than you wish. If the time between your old and new home is not too long, you may consider staying with relatives or fri

Storage Tips for Tradies

05 May 2017

As a tradie, you will collect a large number of tools and supplies to help you in your trade. It is true that you can keep a lot of your work tools in your vehicle, but you cannot keep everything in there every day.  There will be multiple times when you need more space in your vehicle and store some of your tools and supplies elsewhere. You are also likely to acquire numerous gadgets, left over m

Tips on how to make moving easier on Teenagers

21 April 2017

Not wanting to move is normal. Leaving behind everything that’s familiar is always difficult. The key is to remember that you’re not alone and that what you’re feeling is normal, too. Here are a few tips to help making moving a little easier… Ask Questions – get to know from your parents the reasons behind the move; ask if you can pick your new school. Find out anything that may

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