Tips To Keep Your Goods Safe in Storage


  • When you put your belongings into a self-storage unit, you clearly want to use them again. This means that you want to keep them more or less in the same condition as they are when you start storing them.
  • So, when you’re packing up your belongings and getting them ready for storage, it is important to remember the proper way of packing, storing and stacking your things.
  • At Easy Storage Rockingham, we will help you keep your belongings safe and in good condition.

Top tips

  • Wrap and pack all your goods securely – this will ensure nothing gets damaged. Visit our box shop at Easy Storage Rockingham for all your wrapping and packing needs.
  • Use proper boxes and fill them to the top. This will avoid boxes stacked on top to crush the bottom ones. You can buy quality industry standard boxes online from Easy Storage Rockingham.
  • Use the appropriate boxes for heavier items (books and tools). We recommend the boxes be not too large (too heavy to carry) and very sturdy.
  • Label all your boxes by each room as you’re packing. This will enable you to organise per room and put the boxes you want easier access to in the front of your storage unit.
  • Protect your clothing by placing mothballs in the boxes.
  • Fill gaps in your boxes with towels and linen, and if you don’t have enough, Easy Storage Rockingham has packing paper for this specific reason.
  • If you are planning to store items longer term, avoid using newspaper – the ink rubs off and is hard to clean.
  • Tape up your boxes securely with quality packing tape from our box shop. A lot of damage can occur when boxes pop open due to low quality tape used!
  • Remember to remove batteries from appliances and kid’s toys to avoid leakage.
  • Easy Storage recommends that you clean out your fridge and freezers before storage. Also, while in the storage unit, the doors should be left ajar to avoid mould.
  • If you are storing your washing machine in your storage unit, Easy Storage Rockingham recommends that you disconnect the hoses and drain them completely before storage.
  • When packing your belongings into your storage unit, we also recommend that you take note of where you place certain items for easy future reference. Keeping an inventory of where you’ve placed all your boxes may be helpful to find things in the future.


What NOT to Store?

  • Your Easy Storage agreement will specify that you are not allowed to store any dangerous or prohibited goods.
  • Don’t store any goods that are flammable, environmentally hazardous or that are a risk to the storage unit or our facility.
  • Remove all hazardous items such as chlorine, paint and petrol.
  • Easy Storage Rockingham also recommends that you should not store items that are extremely valuable such as currency, jewellery, art, etc.

When storing at Easy Storage Rockingham, our friendly and professional staff will endeavour to make your storing experience as easy as possible! Self-storage made Easy!


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