Easy Car Storage Rockingham

Have you considered car storage for that special vehicle of yours? You can trust us at Easy Storage Rockingham to provide you with the best, secure car storage, so you do not have to park your pride and joy just anywhere.

Types of car storage

Uncovered car storage

  • Most people prefer car parking bays that are usually uncovered areas with spaces ranging up to 8 meters in length.
  • Easy car access is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at Easy Storage Rockingham.
  • The car storage bays are protected by our monitored security surveillance and only accessible via a special code unique to each customer.
  • This will give you peace of mind that your car is being kept as safe as if it was at your home.

Covered car storage

  • Do you have a special restoration project that require car storage?
  • Or maybe you have a special vintage car that could benefit from storage?
  • At Easy Storage Rockingham we have different sized units to suit requirements for most car storage – see our car storage options
  • You have the option to choose car storage for the short or long term. With a long term car storage contract, Easy Storage Rockingham will give you an even better monthly rate!
  • When storing your vehicle, access is important. Our wide driveways help to ensure easy access to your parking space. We also have a rear exit for the whole facility, and this also helps in reducing the need for reversing.


Access to your car storage

  • Having access to your car in storage for limited hours can cause frustration and have a negative impact on your plans.
  • At Easy Storage Rockingham you will have 24/7 access to your car storage. You do not need to plan around anyone else! When you need to get access to your car – jut pop in your unique access code – anytime day or night!
  • If you choose to store your boat, 24/7 access is especially helpful in the warmer months. You can take your boat out on the water, put it back in storage and even wash it on site!
  • Maybe you choose caravan storage and decide Friday afternoon to go camping for the weekend? Take your caravan out of storage and put it back in whenever you like.
  • Want to take that 2am fishing trip? Don’t get locked in at a 9-5 storage facility, store with Easy Storage Rockingham and you will have no problem getting access anytime!
  • Thinking of storing a wider vehicle or long boat? Our wide driveways are a bonus!
  • Ask our experienced staff for the optimum space for your vehicles’ size. Easy Storage’s rear gate makes it easier for you to leave with a trailer or boat.


Security for your car storage

  • At Easy Storage we have 24/7 camera surveillance to give you peace of mind when your car is in storage with us.
  • If you prefer to park your car in one of our garage units, we offer affordable options for you – pop in and see us.
  • Our storage units are all individually alarmed, giving you the added security of storing away your vehicle.
  • Our storage facility at Easy Storage Rockingham is very well lit, especially at night.
  • We offer even more affordable uncovered parking options – call us for the latest specials toll free on 1800 655 922
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