Find the right storage unit for you

Here at Easy Storage Rockingham, finding the right storage unit for your specific needs is not as difficult as you may think. Our experienced staff put together a few tips to help you decide which storage unit or parking space is best for you:

  • Unit size

Most units tend to be able to fit more of your stuff than you may think, especially if you pack and plan well. You can check out our storage unit range online. Our friendly staff will gladly help you! They will offer you the smallest unit size you need, based on how many bedrooms of stuff you wish to store. Or maybe you need car storage, boat storage, even caravan or motorhome storage or maybe storage for your business. Ask us today.

  • Stacking stuff or not

Deciding if you can easily stack your packed belongings will influence your storage unit size. If you have a lot of fragile boxes (which cannot be stacked on top of one another), you may require a larger storage unit. If you pack in sturdy, similar size boxes, you can stack boxes with fragile contents onto sturdy content ones and use a lot less floor space. Ensure you mark the sides of boxes to enable you to find what you need easily.

  • New Boxes

Easy Storage Rockingham has a fully stocked box shop, which can help you with all your packing requirements. You can even shop online with us too!

  • Second hand Boxes

We stock a large range of second hand boxes in our box shop. The range varies greatly from day to day, so it is recommended to contact us to find out what is available. You can drop in anytime to see us for personalised service.

We also have a box donation fundraiser to support our local charity, Soul Soup Patrol.

Ask us about it today!

  • Undercover or not

Easy Storage Rockingham offers car storage, boat storage, motorhome and caravan storage. You will have a choice of secure parking spaces which are not undercover, or garages which are. Head to our website to see our wide range on offer. You can even book online – it is EASY!

  • Undercover access

If you will be moving stuff in and out of your unit on a regular basis in the wet season, you may wish to choose a unit which has undercover access. Our experienced staff can show you the different options before you decide.

  • 24/7 access

Our great storage facility has the flexibility of 24/7 access. This sets us apart from other local storage facilities. No need to watch the clock for business hours, you can come and go as you please with your own secure access code, any time, night or day.

  • Lighting

As mentioned, since you have 24/7 access to your storage unit or parking space, you may well choose to access our facility outside business hours. Our storage facility’s modern lighting makes it easy to see at night.

  • Turning

If you have a large motorhome or boat, you need to consider how easy/difficult turning will be to access you selected storage space. Easy Storage Rockingham has wide driveways which makes access easier.

  • Parking

If you will access your unit frequently, you need to consider parking close to your unit for loading and off-loading. Will you be in another unit’s way? Will your car block the driveway? We will help with your decision to make every access experience a pleasant one.

  • Corridor or not

Storage units down corridors are normally more affordable. You need to consider what your storage needs are – do you have large furniture that cannot easily be carried down a corridor? Again, we are here to help you make the right decision for you.


Ask our expert staff to help you make your choice. And remember – you are not stuck in the unit you decide on. Should your needs change, or it doesn’t quite work for you the way you wanted, here at Easy Storage Rockingham we will gladly help you choose a storage unit or parking space you are more comfortable in. Ask us today!



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