Self Storage Units for FIFO workers

FIFO Facts

  • Approximately 60,000 FIFO workers across WA’s mines.
  • The WA Chamber of Minerals and Energy estimates that about 6,000 of them typically fly in from different states ,and about half of them have relocated to Perth during the COVID-19 shutdown so they can keep working 
  • Here at Easy Storage Rockingham, we are proud to have a large number of FIFO workers as customers who enjoy the security of one or more of our storage units.

Why have a storage unit?

  • Some FIFO workers do not wish to have a fixed address if they are away for long working periods at a time.
  • They find the convenience and savings of storing their household goods in a secure storage unit a much better option.
  • A self storage unit has no property maintenance for the customer and they spend only a small fraction of the cost compared to paying rent or a mortgage payment.
  • FIFO workers find it a very cost effective and secure option to store their vehicles at Easy Storage Rockingham while they are working away. Check out the range of storage units available for vehicles here
  • Some prefer to have a camper trailer or RV instead of a fixed home, so they can stay in it when they are in Perth. Easy Storage Rockingham has a range of caravan storage units available too.
  • At Easy Storage Rockingham the convenient 24/7 access means that FIFO workers can access their goods and vehicles whenever the wish. They do not need to worry about business hours at all!

Easy Storage Tips:

  • Be Organisedpack your storage unit well to enable you to easily access your belongings as you may need them.
  • Have someone as a representative with Easy Storage Rockingham – you may not always be contactable while away, so have someone you can trust that can handle issues on your behalf.
  • Keep Inventory of your belongings to know the exact contents of your storage unit.
  • Ensure your storage boxes are strong and sturdy to protect your belongings. You can easily purchase high quality boxes and packing material online from Easy Storage Rockingham.

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