Get organised for winter inside the home

The weather is slowly getting colder. Everyone is getting their winter woollies out and making sure the woodpile is stocked for those cold winter nights which are coming.

As you are searching frantically for a jumper to match your outfit each morning… or reaching for socks & shoes rather than your thongs, there is something to consider… You can use this change of season to get organised for the colder months.


  • Getting your jumpers/jackets and trousers down from the top shelf and find them an easier to reach spot in the wardrobe
  • Swapping winter shoes in the back of the cupboard with the thongs at the front.
  • Dusting off those winter boots, ready for wear
  • Getting rid of the majority of things you have not worn in the last 2 years (it is likely you will not wear them again anyway, and this will clear up some wardrobe space)
  • Organising your nice warm scarves to easily pick one in the morning to match your outfit
  • Assessing items you may need to purchase that did not make it through last winter



  • If you are a fluffy winter sheet person, it is time to get those on your bed
  • Turn the mattress around, not just with the bottom side now facing up, but also turn head to toe



  • Get your reverse cycle air-conditioning serviced if required
  • Get your wood pile organised for the cold nights to come. Ensure you have enough chopped wood and small kindling. Also make sure you have enough newspaper, firelighters, etc.



  • Check that your undercover hanging space and clothes drying rack are in good order
  • If you use a clothes dryer, check if it is clean and in good working condition
  • If you have limited space to dry clothes under cover, you may need to adjust your washing routine to do smaller loads more frequently


Wet Things:

  • Have a planned space ready for wet shoes when coming home from work and school
  • Organise a space for Umbrellas and Raincoats to drip dry out of the way
  • A spare towel at each door can help keep cleaning to a minimum when someone gets caught out in the wet!



  • Stock up on cup a soup, hot chocolate, coffee/tea, etc. for when the kids come home from school.
  • Also stock up on warm dinner ingredients for those cold winter evenings
  • If you plan your meals ahead of time, now is the time to adjust your planner from lots of cool salads to warmer options


Keep an eye out for our next blog on getting the outside of your home organised for winter…

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