Get organised for winter outside the home

Now that you have the inside of your home ready for winter, it’s time to get organised outside.


  • Ensure your outdoor pets have sufficient dry shelter from the elements
  • Check their bedding regularly to ensure they can sleep warm and dry



  • Ensure the gutters are free of leaves and debris otherwise these will overflow and cause damage with the rainy season



  • Make room for keep push bikes, scooters, etc. under cover to protect them from getting wet and rusting
  • Make room for your firewood where it can be kept dry & ready for use
  • Mice start fleeing the elements in winter time and will be looking for places to nest. Keep everything that could be potential nesting place for mice OFF the ground
  • Keep mouse traps/baits ready, and inspect regularly


Swimming Pool:

  • Clean the pool, balance the water (PH levels) & check for algae
  • Check chlorine levels and use a regular shock treatment for your pool right through winter
  • Cover the pool with a quality pool blanket to keep debris out and maintain water levels
  • Do a quick check over once a week during winter



  • Ensure your sprinklers are turned off in line with Water Corporation regulations
  • Plants are going into their “winter sleep” now and will not require any fertilizer until the warmer months return
  • Keep weeds under control – the winter rain will make them pop up all over the garden
  • Lawn – the upside is you do not need to mow your lawn regularly during winter plus you get free watering from the rain
  • Don’t trim your plants back yet, do this when winter comes to an end
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