Helpful storage ideas for spring

It may not feel like it in the evenings and mornings, but here at Easy Storage Rockingham we are certainly noticing that spring is here!

Spring gives the whole world a bit of a buzz – it also means the days are getting longer and you have more daylight time to get outside and get stuff done! Here are some storage ideas, declutter plans, helpful tips, packing ideas and more to get you moving!

Storage space

    • Start that project you have been putting off – you used all the excuses in the book to postpone it, but you know you would love to finally get it underway. Maybe the thing that has been holding you back the most is that you do not have enough space? We can help!
    • Clear some room to start your project or a new hobby – do you have a bedroom that is doubling up as a store room? Maybe you cannot get into your shed due to anything anyone cannot find a place for just gets pushed in there? Or your garage can hardly fit your car due to clutter everywhere? Now is the time to start clearing some room!
    • Short term or long term storage at Easy Storage Rockingham can be the answer for you! We have self storage units in any size you may need, plus secure outside parking spaces for your caravan, motorhome, or a car you may not use often – check out our wide range
    • You can clear out extra space for you to use for your project/hobby by renting a cheap self storage unit – knowing that you have 24/7 access to all your stored stuff!

Spring cleaning and organising

    • Time to do some de-cluttering… You will be amazed at how much space you can clear out by de-cluttering. And it doesn’t need to do your head in either – find some real good tips in our de-clutter blog here:
    • It may well be that you have enough space, but you need to organise your storage a bit better. If it is your wardrobe that is driving you up the wall – here are some easy to follow instructions on how to clear out and get organised –
    • Change your seasonal gear – get the summer stuff cleaned and ready for use, like beach gear, fishing gear, summer sports gear, etc. Put these in an easily accessible place and store the winter sports gear, etc. in the harder to reach places.
    • Or store your seasonal gear in one of our storage lockers at the self storage facility near you that really cares for you and your belongings – Easy Storage Rockingham


    • Would you like to get a boat this spring, but don’t have room to store it? We have boat storage in any size you need, covered and uncovered parking spaces. Take a look online at our vehicle storage range
    • If you already have a boat, now is the time to start checking everything is in order. So, when you wish to make the most of a beautiful sunny day on the boat, you can do so without delay and without having to worry.


    • Maybe the new season gives you the excuse to look for the new home you have been wanting to move to? We are here to help you!
    • Maybe you need new cardboard boxes in industry standard sizes? Easy Storage Rockingham has them all! Come and see our showroom or shop online
    • Or maybe you are interested in our huge variety of cheap second hand boxes? Second hand boxes varies in size and are very popular. Therefore our range changes on a daily basis – call in today to see what is available – tell us how we can make it easy for you!
    • Our box shop is also stocked with every packing supplies item you may need. Maybe you are after a moving checklist or need advise on the best packing tape to use? Our expert staff will gladly give you advice – email us at info@ritweb.local
    • Most of all – enjoy the change in the weather and make the most of all the birdsong and new life happening all around you!!
    • And let us help you with your temporary storage ideas today – talk to our friendly staff by calling free 1800 655 922.

Welcome to Spring everybody!!

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