Choose the right box at Easy Storage Rockingham

Different packing boxes

  • Not all packing boxes are created equal. They differ in size and functionality, so choosing the right box for the job is simple and affordable if you know what you need.
  • Easy Storage Rockingham will help you choose the right box and packing supplies for every packing need; whether you’re packing up a home library of books, bottles of prized wine or your wedding dress.

Packing your boxes

  • Your goods should be packed properly in the appropriate boxes and ready for your move or to be put into your storage unit.
  • Easy Storage Rockingham has the largest local showroom of packing boxes and supplies for you to purchase.
  • If you prefer, you can visit our website and explore our large variety of individual packing boxes, moving packs for extra value and many other packing supplies – buy boxes online here

Which box is the right box?

  • Although boxes come in many different shapes and sizes, don’t be caught up in getting low quality boxes.
  • You do not need to buy all your boxes new, Easy Storage Rockingham has a variety of second hand boxes available in store for purchase too.
  • If you are moving locally, it isn’t a big deal if your boxes vary greatly in size. Just ensure you pack the correct things in the correct type of box for best protection of your valuables.
  • Books and heavy items should be packed in much smaller boxes than blankets or linen. The industry standard book box will be ideal for heavy items, as it makes it easier to pick up and carry.
  • Lighter items such as clothes and toys can be packed in industry standard tea chest boxes, which is a larges size and still good quality.
  • If you are moving a lot of clothing, you can make use of porta-robe boxes. These allows you to hang your clothes directly into them and then into the new cupboard, without needing to iron everything again!
  • Our box shop also stocks special boxes for flat screen TV’s and boxes especially for packing mirrors, frames pictures and paintings.
  • If you are moving interstate or overseas, industry standard boxes may be a requirement.
  • Easy Storage Rockingham recommends using similar sized boxes when you are putting your things in a storage unit. This will enable you to stack items safer and better and use less storage space.

Do I need packing paper?

  • You need to fill all gaps in your boxes to protect your belongings well.
  • If you have lots of linen and towels, you can use these.
  • Easy Storage Rockingham recommends you use packing paper and bubble wrap for your very fragile items, especially if you do not have enough linen and towels.
  • Our box shop also stocks mattress and furniture covers to help protect your belongings even better.


At the end of the day, buying a few quality packing boxes and some packing supplies to guarantee a stress, break and wrinkle-free move, is highly recommended!



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