Moving House: The Less Obvious 3 Point Checklist

There’s no clear way to describe the emotions you feel when moving house, many words include happiness, excitement, frustration and stress. With packing sorted, you’ll be moving to your new place or storage. Now it’s time to tick off the less obvious items on your list.

Have you organised how you’ll get your belongings into storage? Removalists are reliable professionals that will be able to tell you the size of storage needed and help you with all those heavy boxes. What can your storage facility do to help? Ask the staff for advice on what step to take next.

Here is a three point checklist to guide you and help you seamlessly leave your old place and start a new chapter in your life.

Moving Checklist

1. Arrange disconnection and reconnection of Services:

  • Synergy Phone 13 13 53
  • Alinta Gas Phone 13 13 58
  • Telstra Phone 13 22 00
  • Water Phone 13 13 85
  • Phone Phone your provider
  • Foxtel/Cable TV Phone 1300 308 545

2. Cancel Any Deliveries

  • Newspapers
  • Groceries
  • Magazine subscriptions

3. Change Your Address

You should notify the following important authorities and businesses of your change of address:

  • Motor vehicle registration and licensing centre
  • Australian Taxation Office
  • Your bank and/or financial institutions
  • Educational institutions
  • Insurance Companies
  • Centrelink (pension payments, family payments etc.)
  • Medicare, Club memberships and subscriptions

These numbers will be on your payment bills, or you can also go to the government website and look up your account and disconnect your services from there.

Your local Post Office will be able to assist you with mail direction.

When wanting to forward your mail to your new address, your local post office will be able to assist you with mail redirection. You should do this at least three days before your move.

Image Credits: Checklist Shutterstock

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