Could a business storage unit be the answer?


You are running your business successfully, which is a very big achievement in today’s day and age – well done! Ideally, you would love more space for all your stock, while also enabling you to receive more deliveries and despatch more goods.

But business storage space is too expensive and will add more retail rent to your already stretched budget. Rent is a huge overhead and you would rather be paying LESS, not more.

We have the solution for you

Ask yourself this question: are there self-storage units near me? Easy Storage is a local facility in Rockingham where renting a self-storage unit for your business will benefit you in more ways than you think! Many businesses are already making use of our wide range of storage units and saving on very expensive retail space.

Why is a business storage unit a better choice?

Here are a few reasons for you to consider and help you make the decision on the right storage unit for your business:

  • You can reduce your current business floor space and store all your extra stock in one of our different sized storage units at a fraction of the price you are paying in rent
  • This additional space will give you the freedom to buy stock when the prices are low, or bulk buy and save $$$$, giving the small business more buying power.
  • This option also opens the door for you to stock more samples of your stock
  • Choose a business storage unit with 24/7 access, which will enable you to get stock to, or from your business premises any time convenient for you. You will not be restricted by business hours, but free to come and go as you please.
  • Our secured units are each individually alarmed with a coded entry and exit by secure gates under camera surveillance.
  • There is even the option of having an agreement with our helpful staff at Easy Storage, which enables us to receive goods on your behalf, signed for at our storage facility and stored securely in your chosen storage unit. YES! You do not even have to be on site yourself.
  • This agreement can be extended to also give you the freedom of having goods despatched from our storage units on your behalf without you needing to be there.
  • Another possibility is to organise a delivery service between your business premises and Easy Storage as a once off or at regular intervals – talk to us today on 1800 655 922
  • Business storage units are available for short or long term in as many sizes as you can imagine. Long term business storers get even better rates! Visit our website today at

Why wait?

Did you know that we have businesses that have given up their retail space altogether? They now run their business directly from their storage unit!

Do you have more questions? Talk to our friendly staff and start saving on your current rent today!


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