Tips on how to pack a trailer

Moving house

  • Thinking of using a furniture trailer when you are moving?
  • Using a trailer is a very convenient and easy way to get your moving done.
  • At Easy Storage Rockingham we have 2 large enclosed furniture trailers for hire at very affordable prices – contact us

 Why use a trailer?

  • A trailer is a more affordable option to move your belongings from point A to B.
  • You can fit much more in a large furniture trailer than on the back of a ute or in your car – this means less trips and shorter moving time.
  • You can easily ask family and friends to help you move when you have a trailer available.
  • The secret is to optimise the space to pack as much as possible and this will result in fitting heaps more in and less trips from A to B.

 Not sure how to optimise your trailer space?

  • At Easy Storage Rockingham we have put together helpful tips for you to maximise the use of space and ensure your belongings arrive safely with you at your destination.
  • In the first place you have to prepare BEFORE you pack the trailer
  • Only then should you get onto actually packing the trailer.


 Prepare before packing the trailer:

  • Everything that can fit into a box, pack securely into sturdy boxes and tape them closed.
  • Well closed boxes enable you to turn them in any way when loading the trailer, maximising your space available.
  • Reinforce these items as you pack with packing material like butchers paper and bubble wrap; you can use your linen, towels, etc.
  • Mark boxes clearly, so you can pack more fragile items on top of heavier ones.
  • This will avoid crushing fragile belongings (unless you wish to “accidently” get rid of that awful reading lamp/ornament your spouse is so fond of!)
  • Loose items can be a hazard in the trailer and are also at much bigger risk of damage, so keep these limited.
  • Anything you cannot fit into boxes should be considered to be wrapped or covered.
  • You can use special furniture & mattress covers or old blankets, if you have any.


 Packing the trailer:

  • Start with the bigger, heavier items first, like furniture, mattresses, fridges, etc.
  • Approach the packing with a clever eye and notice gaps to safely stack & tuck in smaller items, maximising space.
  • Pack boxed items after the furniture, turning boxes to fit snugly. Again, fill up gaps with smaller items.
  • Save fragile boxes to pack as far away from heavy furniture items to increase safety.
  • Tucking softer items in-between furniture will increase safety and decrease risk of damage.
  • Do not overload the trailer – keep to road safety rules.


 Boxes, tape and packing supplies

  • Don’t settle for untrustworthy, wonky boxes. Use sturdy, reliable boxes to protect your valuables.
  • Check out our range of quality new and second hand boxes, tape and other packing supplies here
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