Practical help when there is a death in the family

When someone in your family dies, there will be a lot to deal with on top of the grief. You need to sort a death certificate, arrange the funeral, support other family members in their grief, let others know that the family member has passed away, etc.

Added to all of this, will be to deal with the belongings of the deceased person. You may not be able to face going through all of their possessions in the short term. This is where self-storage can help.

Packing a person’s belongings and securely storing it away for a while can be a practical solution in coping with death in the short term. No, not denial, just practical and dealing with less at one point in time. There will be plenty of other things you will need to plan, decide and organise in-between your grief, like what happens to the person’s pet(s), car, etc.

Your local storage facility will offer help with packing needs and secure storage until you are ready to deal with the next step of going through the belongings and deciding what needs to happen with it all. And you can take your time – with 24/7 access, you will not be bound by business hours, and you will be free to do as little or as much as you can handle at one time.

Talk to the friendly staff if you would like to find out more. They will be happy to help in this difficult time.

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