Renovating? We can help!

Have you finally made the decision to start that renovation project which you were planning on? Exciting and daunting all at the same time? Here are some helpful hints to help get the project running a little smoother:

  • The majority of renovation projects cost more than you bargain for – keep this in mind when planning. Do not make up the budget as you go.
  • Be informed and do not underestimate what you may need for the project. You may think you will only need one can of paint for a specific room, then realise it doesn’t cover as well as you hoped and end up needing 3 times as much.
  • Do not rush the project – plan well and do not attempt to do too much in one go. This can make you lose heart and wonder why you ever started.
  • Make realistic and clear goals – work towards achieving each and have a little celebration with each milestone. This will keep you motivated to get to your end-result.
  • Have realistic and practical expectations of this end result – painting a wall isn’t automatically going to change the look of your furniture or the shape of the room.
  • Ask your trusted friends or members of your family to help with your project – many hands make light work!
  • If applicable, ensure all your plans are approved before you start knocking out walls or any drastic steps like that.
  • Clear out room to accommodate your renovation and remember that people will need to trample through your house carrying stuff, possibly heavy items.
  • Self-storage can be a real life saver to get extra room cleared out in the short term.
  • Remember that with renovating, it has to look worse, before it can look better! Try to keep your focus on the end result, not the mess you are making to get there.
  • Hang in there – when it’s done, you will have that new room/house looking close to the picture in your mind and it will all be worth it!!

Happy renovating!!!

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