Self-Storage Rockingham Agreements

Decision made

  • You have decided a self-storage unit is the best storage option for you. At Easy Storage Rockingham we make self-storage easy for you.
  • When signing up for a self-storage unit, you will have the option to choose between a standard agreement and a managed agreement.


Standard self-storage agreement

  • A standard agreement is the most common and is mostly for “traditional” storers.
  • These storers lock their unit with their own lock and keep the key.
  • Don’t stress if you do not have a lock – Easy Storage Rockingham sells high quality locks in our fully stocked box shop. You can even buy them online on our website.
  • The Easy Storage Rockingham staff have no access to the self-storage units on a standard self-storage agreement.
  • However, each self-storage unit is individually alarmed. So, you will have peace of mind, regardless which self-storage agreement you choose.


Managed self-storage agreement

  • A managed self-storage agreement is an agreement where you give a key to our trusted staff to gain access to your self-storage unit for a specific reason.
  • For instance, you may be a fly-in-fly-out worker which makes it impossible for you to be close to your self-storage unit when you need to be.
  • Or you may be travelling overseas while storing your things securely in one of our self-storage units.
  • Or you are a business storer, who wants Easy Storage Rockingham to accept deliveries on your behalf.
  • Whatever your reasons may be for giving the Easy Storage Rockingham staff a key to your self-storage unit, you need to enter into a managed agreement.
  • This agreement makes it easy for business owners who cannot (or do not want to be) onsite at the time deliveries are made which should be stored in their self-storage unit.
  • Also, as a business owner, you can request Easy Storage Rockingham to collect items from your unit and dispatch it to you, or to a customer on your behalf.


Easily explained

Do not stress, it is much simpler than you may think. Come in for a cuppa at Easy Storage Rockingham and we will happily explain it all to you.

We will help you!!

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