Take the plunge – go travelling! (& store your stuff)

You have always wanted to do it, but there are so many reasons why it hasn’t happened yet. Maybe you have been waiting until the kids are grown up, or you wanted to finish your studies first. Although we cannot help you get the big things sorted, we most certainly can help you with the smaller ones so you can finally take the plunge and go travelling!

Self-storage can help – consider this:

  • If your house is the thing holding you back – pack up your household contents and store it securely in a large storage unit at your local self-storage facility. This will give you freedom to rent out your place for the time you will be away.
  • Wanting to travel in a motorhome and won’t need your car for many months? No problem – your local storage facility will have a variety of options for storing your vehicle securely while you are away.
  • If you are still living at home and do not wish to burden your family with taking care of your things or your car while you travel – self storage could be the easy and secure solution for you.
  • Your storage facility would even be able to organise insurance cover for your household goods if you do not have any.
  • Plus – they specialise in quality moving boxes and all other packing material you may need.
  • A good storage facility will even offer you free trailer usage to move your things in and their security system will ensure your things are being safely looked after.
  • This will give you the peace of mind to concentrate only on enjoying your trip – wherever you plan to go!


You may even decide to purchase a motor home for your trip. Rest assured, when you return, you do not need to sell it or let it take up all the room on your property. You can safely store it and start planning for the next trip!

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