Tips on packing your valuables

Everyone knows that moving isn’t fun, but most people have to move at some time or another in their lives. Packing isn’t really an exact science, but there is nothing worse than unpacking and finding some of your much loved or valuable items broken/damaged.

Yes, off course there is insurance, but some items have deep sentimental value. Or they are just really difficult to replace. These valuable items need to be carefully packed to ensure they arrive in your new location in the same condition as you packed them.

Here are a few tips:

  • Plan ahead and ensure you have enough boxes on moving day, so you do not have to “make do” when packing valuable items
  • Ensure the boxes you use for valuables are sturdy and secure.
  • Also use good quality packing tape to ensure these boxes do not pop open and the contents spill out.
  • Do not rush when you pack these items – take your time and ensure you do it properly and carefully.
  • It is recommended to use butchers paper and bubble wrap to wrap items carefully before packing them. A very good alternative is to use clothes/linen to wrap items in.
  • Pack the box so the valuable items sit snug and securely, so they cannot “fall around” in the box. Using clothes/linen/towels to fill up all the gaps is highly recommended.
  • Mark these boxes clearly as “FRAGILE” on the top and sides.
  • It may be necessary too for some items to mark which way should be up (this can make a difference for items like old clocks, etc.)
  • When stacking boxes in the moving process, do not stack heave things on boxes marked as fragile.
  • Lastly, take out insurance before moving if you do not have any. Also advice your insurance company about the move so you have cover at both addresses and on the road in-between.
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