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Trailer Storage & Boat Trailer Storage for
Perth, Mandurah & Rockingham

Secure trailer storage for vehicles including boats and campers

Trailers take up a lot of space, and often, they’re not something you need all the time.

Easy Storage can provide you with a safe and secure place to store your trailer until you need it.

We have a wide range of storage solutions to suit all budgets and requirements. Depending on the type of trailer you need to store, we have outside and inside undercover storage space available.

Camper trailers are great when you’re travelling, and you rely on your trusty boat trailer when you take it out over the summer. But for the rest of the year, there are probably far more productive ways you can use the space they fill. Instead of taking up valuable room on your property, be it your driveway, garage or even the street, keep your trailer somewhere you can rest assured is safe and protected.

No matter your vehicle, we can store camper trailers of all sizes, from small tent trailers right through to off-road powerhouses. We recommended indoor, undercover storage or a fully enclosed unit for camper trailers.

Storage Solutions for Business owners:

Chances are, you’re not using your boat every day, so it makes sense to keep it somewhere safe and dry. More affordable than a marina, our boat trailer storage is an effective way to keep your asset protected. We have container storage options for a range of boat, car and camper sizes, along with their trailers.

Security is extremely important to us, and our entire facility is fitted with CCTV and anti-climb palisade perimeter fencing. Each storage unit is fitted with an individual alarm, and access is via PIN codes unique to each customer. We have a security response team ready for immediate deployment in case of an emergency.

Whenever you need to access your trailer, our convenient facility is open 24/7 so you can pick it up in no time. This makes it ideal for seasonal storage, or accessing your trailer when you need to lend it to a friend.

At Easy Storage, we guarantee we’ll be able to find you a storage solution for your individual needs.

For safe and secure trailer storage, get in touch with Easy Storage today.