Upgrading to a bigger home?

So, your family (and income) has outgrown your current living space? Are you thinking of upgrading to a bigger home, maybe a bigger block?

Here at Easy Storage Rockingham, we want to help you consider a few important things before you make the decision to move.

Things to consider:

  • You may need to buy in a different neighbourhood to find what you are looking for. This may require more than just moving house – it can potentially mean moving schools for your kids. This may also influence current travel arrangements to workplace, schools and other activities.
  • Upgrade to what you actually need and the space you will use – do not let the dream run away with you and be stuck with a much larges mortgage, but you find you do not really need all the space after all.
  • Sometimes, just decluttering your current home can create unexpected space to help improve your current home.
  • Consider a long term storage unit with 24/7 access. If you store your excess belongings, you can free up whole rooms in your current home. At Easy Storage Rockingham our large range of storage units are just a click away – you can easily book online – it is more affordable than you may think!
  • Remember to consider the re-sale value of your planned purchase, BEFORE you buy. Over-capitalising can bite you in the long run when you want/need to move again in the future.
  • Make sure to discuss the decisions with the whole family – the move will affect everyone in your household. Keep communication open so that everyone has the chance to air their concerns and desires – even if you are not able to accommodate them all.
  • Take into account the impact the move will have on your pets.
  • We have written a special blog to help you when moving house with a dog or when moving house with a cat.
  • On our websitewe have many more helpful blogsfor storing and moving.
  • Aim to sell your current house at the best possible price you are able to in the current market. Get expert advice and fix the things that can detract from the price of your home.
  • Do not get carried away – ensure you get sound financial advice so you end up with a mortgage that is flexible, with payments you are able to afford long term, even if interest rates fluctuate.
  • Plan well when you find the place you want. If it needs repainting – preferably do that before you move in all your stuff.
  • Remember that Easy Storage Rockingham also offers short term storage units. This may help you in-between your old and new place to get both clean and sorted for the new owners.
  • Enjoy your new place and happy moving!!
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