We will take deliveries on your behalf

When you mention self-storage, people generally think of someone storing their private belongings in a secure unit and the staff of the facility do not have access to the storer’s unit.

However, there are many businesses that use self-storage as their primary business site, or use it as an extension of their current business premises.  You are required to sign a different type of agreement and give the storage facility staff access to your storage unit. Why do they do this?

  • It enables the storage facility to receive deliveries on behalf of your business without you needing to be on-site. This can be a very useful tool in running your business and will save you time and money.
  • It also allows you to buy stock in bulk and save money, since now you have the space available to store the surplus stock.
  • It saves on renting more retail space, or saves on rent altogether making the need for an actual business premises obsolete – for example people who run an online only business but still need space to store their goods.
  • The storage facility can also despatch goods on your behalf, depending what your agreement is with them. Again, this will save you time and money.
  • You can still have insurance, through the storage facility or your own cover, which will provide peace of mind.
  • A storage facility with 24/7 access will also allow you to check stock levels, orders, etc. on-site any time that suits you – you are not bound by business hours.
  • Talk to us about this solution for your business today – we are here to help!
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