Wondering how to pay your storage account?

A great storage facility will be flexible and offer you different ways to pay your storage account. You will be able to choose one that best suits your individual circumstances. Below we will run through these payment methods and help you decide which one is best for you:

  • Cash – Paying in cash when your account is due is an instant and no fuss payment choice. There is no time delay in processing the payment. You are, however, restricted to pay only during business hours when the office is open. It also means you have to pay in person, or someone should pay on your behalf. If this is your preferred payment choice, you can work around these issues by paying in advance for a fixed period, which means less frequent payments.
  • Eftpos – The same applies for paying by cash, except the risk is always lower not having actual cash on you.
  • Direct Debit – This payment method removes the burden of having to remember to pay on time. If you like to set up payments and forget about them, this may be the option for you. You sign a permission form and they will take a fixed payment from your bank account at an agreed frequency.
  • Manual Credit Card payments – You can choose to pay with your credit card in person or over the phone. This still puts you in charge of paying on time, but doesn’t require that you do it in person. Over the phone flexibility is great, but it will still restrict you to making payments during business hours.
  • Auto Credit Card Payments – A great storage facility will also have the option of directly charging your credit card securely through their system. It is similar to setting up a direct debit payment, but this is charged to your credit card instead. This is another flexible option you can choose.
  • Online payments – Check out your storage facility’s website if they offer online payments. These are flexible, secure and convenient. You can pay any time, day or night. Please keep in mind that there may be a slight time delay in your payment being processed on your account if you pay after hours.

If you require any help in making the best payment choice for your circumstances, ask the friendly staff at your local facility – they will be happy to assist!

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