Tips for small business storage

Attention small businesses:

Don’t wait until tax time is approaching before getting your paperwork in order. For many small businesses tax time means pouring through endless amounts of paperwork and working out what to keep and what to throw away. One major issue that small businesses face, is lack of space to store paperwork safely.

Storage Solutions

Here at Easy Storage Rockingham, we will help you find a storage locker or larger unit to store your paperwork safely, depending on your business storage needs.  See our wide range online or come into our box shop and we will chat over a cuppa and show you the units we have available.

What to Store in your storage unit and what to keep at the office

  • We hear time and time again about how small business offices get swallowed up by paperwork. The first step is to work out what you will need in the coming weeks, everything else should be organised and stored away.
  • Easy Storage Rockingham’s box shop is stocked with specialised boxes, including archive boxes for this exact purpose. You can even buy our boxes online to securely pack and mark your paperwork.
  • Or if your prefer second hand boxes, our range greatly varies on a daily basis, so call us toll free on 1800 655 922 or come see for yourself during business hours.
  • Ask our friendly staff for advice to ensure your boxes are systematically and clearly labelled. A top tip is to pack items you are unlikely to need in the near future at the back with more timely items towards the front.
  • And remember, at Easy Storage Rockingham you have 24/7 access to your paperwork. You don’t have to worry about business hours when you need something. Just pop in and grab it!

What size storage unit will I need?

  • After you determine what to store the natural progression is to decide how much storage space you need. It may become difficult to visualise the space you need, and one option could be is to visit our storage facility and see it firsthand.
  • Another option is to look at the pictures on our website here and get an idea of how much you can store in different size units.
  • A further benefit is that we have experienced staff who will be able to identify solutions for you and optimise your space beyond what you had considered.
  • And if you move in your stuff and discover you need more space? Don’t stress! We can upgrade you to a different storage unit on the same day – talk to us, we will help you!
  • We even have a forklift onsite if you wish to move large pallets or bigger items without breaking your back!



When can I access my storage unit and is it secure?

  • Small business owners will know firsthand that things do not always go to plan. Having 24/7 access with Easy Storage provides the flexibility and peace of mind of knowing that you can access your items at any time.
  • You can also be assured that your storage unit with us is as secure as at gets. Only you have the key to your unit (unless you sign a separate agreement to give us access to your unit for taking deliveries on your behalf) and each unit is individually alarmed.


  • Call us, email us or drop into our box shop anytime. We are here to make it easy for you!
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