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Preserve the bouquet, savor the taste - Secure alcohol storage awaits!

Non-Powered storage for your wine or other alcohol (not requiring refrigeration)

If you have a wine collection that needs a place to live (but doesn’t require climate control), we can help.

At Easy Storage, we offer non-powered storage solutions perfect for wine and other alcohol that doesn’t requires a climate-controlled environment.

Whether you’re growing your wine collection, your business needs a place to store alcohol for an upcoming event, or you just want to leave your liquor somewhere safe, our storage will keep your goods protected and safe.

We have a range of over 400 storage units, so no matter the size of your collection or the size of your alcohol barrels, we’ll have a space to suit. Short term storage is available, and if your needs change, no worries – you can upgrade or downgrade your unit whenever you need to.

You’ll be able to access your secure alcohol storage at any time, as our facility is open to customers 24/7 upon request. Your storage unit will be PIN code locked, and we have video surveillance throughout our entire premises for your peace of mind.

Wine & Alcohol Storage 1m Cube Locker DBL Door Secure

Size:  1m x 1m
Sqm: 1m2
Fits: Fits a small wine collection; extra secure.
Visual: A 1-meter cubed locker featuring double doors.
Features: Locker, double door, secure

* Sizes are approximate. Heights vary


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Wine & Alcohol Storage 1.5m X 1.5m

Size:  1.5m x 1.5m
Sqm: 2.25m2
Fits: Holds moderate wine and spirit assortment.
Visual: A square and lockable storage unit.
Features: Locker, secure

* Sizes are approximate. Heights vary


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Wine & Alcohol Storage 2m X 2m DBL Door Secure

Size:  2.0m x 2.0m
Sqm: 4.0m2
Fits: Stores extensive wine collection; double-door secure.
Visual: A square storage unit equipped with a smooth-sliding metallic door.
Features: Double door, secure

* Sizes are approximate. Heights vary


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Wine & Alcohol Storage 2m X 2m Easy Drive Up

Size:  2.0m x 2.0m
Sqm: 4.0m2
Fits: Quick access; fits wine crates and liquor boxes.
Visual: A square storage unit equipped with a smooth-sliding metallic door, designed for easy drive-up access.
Features: Easy drive up

* Sizes are approximate. Heights vary


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Storage Solutions for Wine Connoisseurs:

Wine needs to be stored very carefully, in a dark, quiet, environment free from humidity and variations in temperature. You can’t simply store it on a shelf, or even a regular fridge, for extended periods. That’s why you’ll need to source a dedicated wine refrigerator to keep your wine at a perfect temperature.

Once you do, we can put it in one of our units, where it will receive constant power to preserve your wine for years to come. Our indoor storage units are dark, dry, and fully enclosed, so you know your alcohol won’t be ruined by sunlight.

Remember to store your wine horizontally to prevent the cork from drying out and interfering with flavour. Other kinds of alcohol, like beer and spirits, should be stored vertically to minimise their chances of leaking. You can keep any alcohol in our powered storage units – if it fits, you can store it! If you have refrigeration, you’ll be able to create any climate-controlled environment you choose.

Don’t know quite how much storage you’ll need? No worries! Our staff have been doing this for a long time, and will be able to give you an estimate over the phone.

For safe and secure wine and alcohol storage, get in touch with Easy Storage today.