Deciding between a moving truck or trailer

So you need to move into a new place and there are so many things to think of… one of the major decisions will be how to physically move your stuff from the old place to the new. Do you rent a trailer, get a moving truck, or pay a company to handle it all for you?

  • Paying a company is a very convenient option, however, also the most costly.
  • Most moving companies charge by the hour, so you will have to be well organised if you have a fixed budget.
  • We suggest you do your homework thoroughly and get a few different quotes before committing.
  • If you are moving a very long distance away, this may be your best option even if it is costly, since you have to move everything in one go.
  • Renting a moving truck is a much more cost effective option if you are moving a shorter distance.
  • You can rent a truck which is large enough to move  a significant amount of your household at once, but not big enough that you need a special driver’s licence. Remember to check this with the rental company beforehand.
  • Some rental companies have a cheaper per-day-rate if you rent for 2 or 3 consecutive days – which can really relieve the pressure of getting everything moved in one day.
  • Choose a moving truck with an electric ramp at the back, this will make it much easier to load your stuff and unload at the other end. Also check that a furniture trolley is included in the rental.
  • Renting a moving trailer will be your most cost effective choice.
  • If you are using self-storage in-between addresses, your storage company will offer you a complimentary trailer for your initial move into storage.
  • Although you may need to do more trips between the old and new address, you will be amazed at how much you can fit into a moving trailer.
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