A storage unit solution for downsizing

Decision time

  • So, you are finally facing the inevitability of having to downsize – or maybe you have already made the decision. It isn’t easy, especially if you have lived in your current house for a long time.
  • You have collected a lifetime of memories, furniture and the like and now you have to decide what stays and what goes, before moving day!!


A self-storage unit

  • This is where a self-storage unit can help you! You do not have to decide everything at once.
  • A self-storage unit gives you the freedom to make your decisions gradually and see what you can really live without, before you get rid of it.
  • Easy Storage Rockingham recommends that you take time to go through each room in your house and add one of 3 labels to everything – one label for YES (you are taking this item to the new home), one label for NO (getting rid of this) and one label for MAYBE.
  • You will need reliable, sturdy boxes to pack all your items. Easy Storage Rockingham has a huge range of industry standard boxes and second hand boxes available for exactly this reason – come and see our box shop or buy boxes online.
  • Renting a storage unit to store everything in your Maybe boxes and some of your Yes boxes will give you the opportunity to gradually work your way through each box and take it to your new smaller home, or not.
  • Packing up the No boxes will also require you to decide what goes to the tip and what is being donated or given away to someone in the family/friends.
  • If you need a trailer to do your tip run – talk to our experienced staff at Easy Storage Rockingham. We have 2 different size trailers available. And if you rent a storage unit with us, you get the trailer for free to move into your storage unit!
  • Congratulations on completing this big step! Don’t stop now – it is time for you to re-evaluate all the YES items. This will empower you to realistically decide what you know will definitely fit into your new smaller place. There may be a few items during this second go through, which may end up with a replacement MAYBE label, and that is OK.
  • The maybe items are the ones which you do not have to decide on right away. You can keep them in your self-storage unit in the short term.


A new home

  • When you have moved into your new place and make it your home, it will become clearer which of the MAYBE items will make it from your storage unit into the new place, and which won’t.
  • This will take the pressure off you, especially in the short term.
  • Some of the Yes boxes will most likely be in your storage unit too and will gradually make it into your new place as you decide fit.
  • MAYBE items can now be dealt with, allowing you to stress less and give you a chance to make a good decision for each one.


Happy moving from all of us at Easy Storage Rockingham!!


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