Easy de-clutter tips for the new year…

  • Feel like pulling your hair out when you walk into your games room after the festive season?
  • Is it overflowing with new toys and older ones from previous years? Now is a great opportunity to take stock of the gifts everyone received.
  • Here at Easy Storage Rockingham, we would like to help you put the smile back on your face with renewed energy after the busy festive season.



  • Charity organisations can benefit from donations all year round, not just over Christmas.
  • Decluttering your toy and games selections at the start of the new year, can be an ideal way of helping children in need.
  • And this doesn’t just help children in need, you can benefit as well!
  • You can de-clutter that games room and ensure the remaining toys/games are actually played with and not just taking up cupboard space.


Decide what to keep and what to donate:

  • Do a quick basic sorting into 3 piles – Definite KEEP, Definite DONATE & UNSURE
  • To maximise success, we strongly suggest you initially do this without your kids’ help!
  • Anything that has not been played with in the last 6 months will most likely not be missed.
  • Pack up the Definite DONATE Pile in a sturdy box BEFORE you enrol your children’s help.
  • If you need sturdy boxes for this task – you can buy boxes online
  • Easy Storage Rockingham also has a daily changing selection of second hand boxes available – come see us today!
  • At this point, it should be safe to let the kids help decide what moves from the UNSURE box back to the KEEP box, or become a new DONATE box.
  • Really put in effort not to be sentimental and try to be firm in the decision.
  • Involving your children will teach them valuable life skills to help the less fortunate.
  • Box up the remaining DONATE toys and games.
  • If you are unsure where to donate to, check out this website: www.weekendnotes.com/where-to-donate-kids-old-toys-perth


Organise what you keep

  • Get your children’s help and organise the KEEP box in the games room.
  • Enjoy a well-deserved cuppa with your hair still intact!


Donate Cardboard boxes

  • Do you have empty boxes in good condition left after the festive season?

Donate them to Easy Storage Rockingham! This will help support our local charity and the homeless in our community. Ask us how


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