Easy organising tips for back to school

Suddenly the end of the holiday is nearing and back to school is a rude awakening for the household. Try these tips to help you get organised and limit stress before the big day arrives:

  • Set up a family bulletin board to keep things organised throughout the week. A whiteboard with a weekly family calendar can make it easy for everyone to know what happens during the week.
  • If you find it helpful, you can colour code school binders and activity bags to make it easier to get out the door in the morning.
  • Ensure everyone has a designated homework station where the distractions can be limited and age appropriate. They need to be able to focus and get it all done
  • Use a time table that accommodates all activities, studying AND leisure time. It is scientifically proven that concentration spirals down after more than 45 minutes of working/studying. You need 15 minutes of distraction to get your focus back. Let the kids jump on the trampoline or play with the dog for 15 minutes, and get right back to it. Stick to the schedule though!
  • After school snack station – this will avoid them from rushing through the door and eating through the pantry. You can help dictate what they eat and not spoil their appetite for dinner.
  • Use sturdy cardboard boxes to create school cubbies for each child. In there they can keep their backpacks, homework supplies and even their shoes ready for the next morning. Think of the time saved not having to look for shoes!!!
  • If you have girls it can be a time saver if you set up a hair station, which keeps all the clips, hair ties and brushes in one place where hair gets done in the mornings.
  • Plan ahead for lunchboxes – baking extra muffins for the freezer, or wrapping individual slices of watermelon when cutting it, can save time making lunches for school.
  • Put magnets or sticky notes on the back of the front door, so you don’t forget anything on your way out.
  • Set up a caddy filled with extra school supplies for when things unexpectedly run out.
  • Have a “to return basket” at the door for things borrowed from friends, or the library which should be returned.
  • Ensure kids’ wardrobes are organised so school uniform and accessories are easy to find.
  • Create morning and evening routine charts for your kids (as pictured above) according to their age. This way they can tick off what they have done and still needs to do without your constant input!

Now send them off to school and enjoy a cup of tea!

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