Easy Storage supports local charity Soul Soup Patrol


    • Here at Easy Storage Rockingham we sell new and second hand boxes in as many sizes as you can imagine.
    • We have always had a buy back scheme in place, where we will buy back your used boxes after your move when you have unpacked all your stuff.
    • This helps the environment by reducing landfill and also provides plenty of second hand boxes available for people to buy at much lower prices.
    • Now our friendly and helpful staff have joined forces with our supportive customers to help the homeless!

Homeless campaign

    • Easy Storage Rockingham loves to support our local community.
    • When one of our loyal customers offered to donate their used boxes, this gave birth to the idea to donate $1 for each middle to large sized donated box to a local charity.
    • Our homeless campaign was kicked off in June 2020 and we have since collected and donated over $2,200!!
    • The picture above shows the Easy Storage manager, Steve, handing over the first cheque to Soul Soup Patrol. We have since handed over 5 more – and we are working on the next one as you read this!

Soul Soup Patrol

    • Easy Storage Rockingham wanted to support the homeless in our community and we decided to donate to Soul Soup Patrol.
    • Soul Soup Patrol not only helps the homeless, but they also support less fortunate families in our community with much needed, wholesome meals.
    • Since our campaign began, Soul Soup Patrol has advertised our support campaign on their Facebook page, and this has prompted more box donations. We hope this will continue to grow!


If you would like to support our local homeless and less fortunate families by donating your used boxes, please contact us today or visit our box shop anytime!

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