Easy tips for a small bathroom…

  • Install shelves – Do not let your bathroom bench-top overflow with bottles, toothbrush holders, etc. Shelves utilise vertical space and de-clutter bench-tops.
  • You can even make the most of your available space, by installing a shelf above the door. Spare towels, toilet paper, etc. can be stored here.
  • Make use of the space behind the door by installing a towel bar, towel hooks or a vertical family towel rail.
  • Use stripes to decorate your bathroom walls. Vertical stripes will create the illusion of higher ceilings, while horizontal stripes will provide the illusion of a wider bathroom.
  • De-clutter your beauty products – throw out old products (lip stick older than 2 years, mascara older than 3 months, etc.). It will simplify finding the products you really use and create more space in your cosmetic bag, or drawer or both!
  • Organise your bathroom cupboard by using small, low cost baskets. This will enable you to use space even in the most back parts of the cupboard – you can just pull out the basket for easy reach.
  • Install spice racks on the inside of cupboard doors to create even more storage space.
  • Create “secret” toothbrush holders inside your cupboards, or make crafty ones which can be hung from the wall, rather than those which take up bench-top space.
  • Organise bath toys in plastic baskets over the tub, or on a rail a bit higher up on the wall – easy to reach, while not taking up space around the bath.
  • You can surround your toilet with storage shelves too. Just ensure you do not store the toothbrushes here, in case the kids accidentally knock them over…
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