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Get your garage back

  • Have you moved house recently (or maybe not even so recently)? Is your garage overflowing with unpacked boxes, full of clutter and maybe lots of unwanted items?
  • Do you have to leave your car out in the hot sun (summer) or in the pouring rain (winter), since you do not have room in your garage to park it?
  • Maybe you were thinking of selling your house, but you feel overwhelmed by all your junk overloading your garage?
  • It is time to get your garage back!! Declutter today!
  • Here at Easy Storage Rockingham, we would love to help you by offering helpful advice!


Make the job easier

  • Doing it all at once may seem too daunting, so you never make a start. You can break down the task into smaller sections so your progress will keep you motivated!
  • A helpful hint is having a few large empty boxes at hand, as well as your wheelie bin.
  • If you need new or second hand boxes for the task, you can buy online here or visit the largest box showroom in Rockingham
  • Divide the garage into a few smaller sections and start off focusing only on one section.
  • Clean out as you go through and throw all the obvious rubbish in your wheelie bins.


Decide what to keep

  • Any item that is covered in rust, is broken, chipped or damaged should be thrown away.
  • All items that you are not throwing in the bin, should be sorted into one of 2 boxes – a box to KEEP and one to DONATE.
  • Items you have not used in the last 6 months, are most likely not going to be used again.
  • A very handy tip is to stick to the 10 second rule when deciding what to keep. If you are not fully sure in 10 seconds you should keep it, put it in the donate box.
  • If you choose to keep large items such as machinery or restoration projects, box them separately (if possible) and consider putting them in storage.
  • You do not have to finish your decluttering all in one day. Take a look at what you have completed when you are done with one section, celebrate your progress and continue the next day!


Clean for easy storage

  • When you have cleared out most of the clutter, it is time to clean and remove all cobwebs. If possible, you can hose it down after sweeping and spray spider spray in the corners and hard to reach places.
  • You may also consider putting down some mice traps or bait.
  • Now is the point to consider a more organised system for your garage.
  • If you wish to paint a wall, or do paint touch ups, this is also a good time to do it.


Create clever storage space

  • Think vertical to get more items off the floor and clear out floor space.
  • Shelving which is properly secured will create space like to won’t believe!
  • Invest in some tool boards where you can hang your garage tools on nails and brackets. These do not have to be expensive but will make everything easier to find.
  • Gardening tools like rakes, spades, etc. can be hung off the wall in a safe, secure way
  • Aim to store similar items together.
  • Label containers (and shelving if desired) into different categories.
  • You can even hang puck bikes and sports gear to create space for your car, boat or the work bench you have always wanted.
  • If you need boxes, please visit our online box shop.


Need even more space?

  • When your garage is finally restored to the wonderful space you want, but you realise you still need more space. What do you do now?
  • Talk to us at Easy Storage Rockingham for an affordable, secure storage unit with 24/7 access.
  • We can look after your boat or extra car, while you use your garage for your restoration project, and still park your car indoors!

Or you can store some of your valuables which you only need occasionally, while you finally have your garage back! Talk to us today.

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