Make moving house fun for the kids

How to make it fun

  • Moving house is not the easiest task that comes to mind… Especially if you are a small or large family, with children running around…
  • Trying to get things organised, packed and moved can be made trickier with the young ones around.
  • Adding to it that children can experience the move as disrupting and create some anxiety, we recommend to try to make it into some fun and an adventure for them!


Play with the boxes

  • What child doesn’t LOVE to play with a cardboard box?
  • Turn a box into a car, a castle, a cubby house, the possibilities are endless!
  • Before you even start to pack, turn a few boxes into a child friendly object.
  • This will give them the opportunity to play with their boxes, while you are packing yours.
  • At the new house, cut the box so that it lays as flat cardboard and let them paint in a safe spot while you move your stuff in.
  • At Easy Storage Rockingham we have cheap second hand boxes available which are ideal for exactly this purpose!
  • Come and see the variety in our box shop today!

Don’t Rush too Much

  • When you rush through your house move and make things too fast for children, it can be stressful for them.
  • Slow down, do things one at a time and make tasks a bit more fun for them to do.
  • Why not ask them to roll things in packing paper or newspaper for you?
  • Get them to pick up empty papers and help out too.
  • Include them in the move – when you look relaxed to them, they will be more relaxed too.

Eat Well and Often

  • Keeping children (and yourselves) well fed is probably one of the most important things during a move.
  • Perhaps thinking ahead of the move and packing special treats for everyone is a good plan to keep everyone calm and happy.
  • Please don’t forget to drink plenty of water!

Ask for help

  • Most importantly, if your children simply can’t handle the stress of the big moving day, why not ask a family member or friend to perhaps watch them for a few hours?
  • Let them take the kids to the park or the beach and enjoy the day while you get the work done.
  • But be sure to discuss the move with your kids, so they are ready to arrive at a completely new place which will be their home now!
  • Lastly, enjoy it! You don’t move that often in your life, so let your children be part of the adventure and enjoy their new home (painting walls in the colour of their choice or choosing which where the furniture in their bedroom goes).
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