How to Make your Home ‘Green’ Part Two

Simple & Cheaper Options

Over the month of November, Easy Storage will be exploring the simplest and easiest options of making your home ‘green’, with a three part series blog. Read on for more!

Want to save on those costly bills piling up each month as well as help the environment? We’ve created a simple checklist for you to follow to making your home a ‘greener’ environment.


Simple and Cheap Options:

o Change Light bulbs

Fluorescent light bulbs are an efficient way to save power and electricity. Make the best of your savings by changing at least 5 bulbs in your house.


o Replace Fake Fragrances

Using fake fragrances can actually be harmful to your health; replace these in the home by using essential oils and natural fragrances.


o Replace Chemical Cleaning Supplies

Choosing natural cleaning products and laundry supplies is a great way to encourage ‘green’ in your home. High dosages of chemicals is harmful to your family’s health and the environment.


o Limit your Shower Time

Having shorter and cooler showers will reduce the amount on your water bill. Perhaps even buying a new shower head to reduce the amount of gallons of water you use can be beneficial.


o Choose Organic Linens

When buying new sheets or clothing for small children, you can opt to buy the organic cotton linens that are available in most stores.


We hope these simple purchases for your home can help improve the way for you to making your home ‘green’. See next week’s blog for part three; how to improve your home by making smart investments.

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