How to REALLY clean up your bedroom – properly…

We have shown you how to cheat your way into making others believe your room is clean and tidy.  And you may get away with this many times and survive.

Now we will help you to actually organise it properly with a few easy steps:

  • Take all your stuff out of their current locations – Yes, it may seem like too much and you are making a bigger mess. However, this will give you the best end result.
  • Removing everything from your closet, desk, floor and dresser and piling it in one location (the floor or your bed), will give you empty spaces all around to work with when re-organising and ensure the best chance of it having a lasting effect.
  • You will need a big rubbish bag for throwing away unwanted items and a big box for stuff you want to donate/sell.
  • Try to get rid of as many items as possible. Try the 20 second rule: if you need longer than 20 seconds to decide if you will use an item again, the answer is no.
  • Organise your belongings as you pick up each item. Decide what you KEEP, what you throw away and what you will donate.
  • If you throw away an item, it will go in the bag and if you donate it, it will go in the box.
  • Each item you decide to keep – decide right there where it’s new place is going to be. In the closet, in a desk drawer, or wherever.
  • Think long term, so you only handle each item once.
  • You will be amazed at how organised your room will be, and how much easier it will now be to keep it this way!
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