It’s Time to Spring Clean!

Here at Easy Storage Rockingham we are happy to welcome the change in weather.

Spring has arrived in full swing, and along with the warmer weather it has brought cobwebs and dust from the easterlies…  It is time for a big clean! But where to start?

Easy Storage Rockingham has put together a simple and easy to follow checklist for you. If you spread the task over a few weekends, you only need to spend a few hours each weekend cleaning and the rest enjoying this wonderful time of year with the sunshine!

Inside the House

  • Clean all your furniture by vacuuming your couches, giving your wooden items a quick polish, and dusting all your cabinets.
  • When vacuuming the floors, spend a little extra time on those ‘hard to reach’ spots in the corners.
  • Dust the house, making sure you get in all those hard to reach places like door trims, window edges, ceiling fans and ceiling corners.
  • Clean out the air vents
  • Scrub those windows! Adding a bit of rinse aid to your cleaning water, makes this a much easier task for a streak free clean!


  • Defrost your freezer, clean out all the expired food and start fresh
  • Wash and sanitise your rubbish bin
  • Wipe all surfaces thoroughly, including your stove top
  • Clean out cupboards, throw out broken and unused plastic items.
  • If you need boxes to store things, or declutter, see our wide range here
  • Clean the inside of your oven by using a proper oven cleaner, also take a look at those exhaust vents inside!
  • To clear out drains, you can remove build up by using vinegar and baking soda, which is a no-chemical alternative.


  • Turn your mattress over, to keep it even on each side.
  • If you have mattresses in spare rooms collecting dust, come and check out our range of mattress covers in our box shop today!
  • Wash your sheets
  • Store your winter blankets away now that it’s warming up!
  • Clean out those cupboards; discard or donate your unused clothing – we have a variety of second hand boxes if you need some to pack these – call us today on 1800 655 922

Garage/Outdoor Area

  • Throw out all unused and broken items – apply the 5 second rule. If you cannot find a use for it in 5 seconds, you do not need it.
  • Remove cobwebs by using a broom along the garage door edges and outside in your patio area.
  • Wash out and disinfect your outside rubbish & recycle bins
  • If you have a water blaster, give your house a good wash down on the outside – it will make your house look fresh and new!


  • Organise your files so that they are easy to access when it comes to tax time
  • Our box shop stocks specialised archive boxes for exactly this purpose – check out our box range online
  • Clean out your keyboard, and wipe down the computer screens
  • Wipe all hard to reach surfaces, including the ceiling fan and window edges

If you need additional storage space to clear room at home, have a look at our large range of storage units online, or come down and see us today. We will help you!

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