How to pack boxes when moving house

The big day is getting closer and you are moving house – so many things to think about and you need to start packing!! Where to buy packing boxes and supplies? How many boxes will you need? You may also be wondering how to pack boxes for moving house? Let’s take it one step at a time:


Where can I get boxes and packing supplies?

At Easy Storage Rockingham off course!! Visit our Box Shop where our experienced, friendly staff will go the extra mile to help you find the correct number of boxes in the sizes you need. We have all the packing supplies you will need plus the best tape to use for packing boxes!


Can I buy packing boxes online?

At Easy Storage Rockingham you can – check out our large variety in our online shop today! You can even book a storage unit online if you will be between houses for a while.


How many boxes will I need?

As you can imagine, everyone will have a different size house they need to pack up and move. Our experienced staff will be able to give you an accurate estimate on how many boxes you will need – talk to us by free calling 1800 655 922 or email info@ritweb.local


Would I need new boxes, or can I use second hand boxes?

  • If you are moving internationally or interstate, industry standard boxes are recommended, as most removalists will request these sizes. We have a large variety of industry standard boxes at Easy Storage Rockingham.
  • If you are moving locally, you can make use of second hand boxes, provided they are sturdy and in good condition. You do not want a box to pop open at the least expected time and your valuables getting damaged!
  • Call into our box shop to see our second hand boxes available – they walk out the door quickly, so our range varies from day to day.


How to pack boxes for moving house

  • It is important to be organised in your packing – otherwise it can cause confusion and may cost you $$, especially if you are paying someone to help you move
  • Make a list of everything you will need in the first 2 weeks after your move. These items should be packed last and unpacked first.
  • Aim to pack room by room. It is very efficient to pack up everything in one room, before moving onto the next.
  • Start with what you use least, like collections, books, alternate seasonal clothes, tools or kitchen utensils you use infrequently – you get the idea.
  • Ensure you mark your boxes CLEARLY, stating  which room it is intended for in your new place. This will result in less clutter at your new house, since your friends or removalists can place the boxes in the correct room.
  • Pack a First Night Box – this will make your life much easier!!
  • Use sturdy boxes for heavy items like books, and ensure they are not too large since they will be very heavy.
  • Mark fragile items clearly on the box and stack these boxes at the top, avoiding heavier boxes to crush them.
  • Use your own linen, towels, etc. to securely pack your fragile items. If you do not have enough, make sure you get packing paper or bubble wrap


If you have any other questions with regards to packing, please contact us – we will help you!

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