Need more business storage space?


Is your office getting overcrowded and you would love to create a bit more room to move?

Can your business benefit from buying in bulk to make much needed savings, but you have no room to store the extra stock?

Do you think business storage rent is unaffordable?

Have you ever wondered: Are there business storage units near me?

We can help!

There are many reasons why a business storage unit can be your solution!

Reasons for renting a business storage unit

  • Retail space is expensive. A business storage unit is a lot more affordable and units differ in size to cater for you specific business needs.
  • There are storage lockers starting from as small as 1 cubic meter if you only wish to store boxes of paperwork to free up more floor space in your office.
  • Business storage unit sizes vary according to need and can be as big as a mini warehouse of 126 cubic meters! Check out our range here.
  • At Easy Storage Rockingham, you will have 24/7 access to everything you store with us. This means you can access any of your business stock, office paperwork, etc. anytime day or night – feel free to come and go as you please!
  • We also have state of the art security in place, you will have peace of mind while saving $$$
  • It is easy to store your business’ archived financial records to create more office space. No more boxes of paperwork taking up expensive retail space!
  • If you need tips for filing and archiving, read our blog to help you out.
  • At last your small business can compete better with the larger ones in buying power! You can buy in bulk at cheaper prices and your storage unit can serve as a stock room.
  • Easy Storage Rockingham even offers you the option of giving up your current retail business premises altogether and run your business from your business storage unit! Ask us how today!
  • At Easy Storage Rockingham we offer additional business services – we can receive and dispatch orders on your behalf without you even needing to be onsite! Call us to discuss your specific needs on 1800 655 922 or email us
  • If you need archive boxes, you can buy online on our website
  • Do you have more questions about business storage? Talk to us today – we really care about our business customers!
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