New Year’s storage resolutions

The most common New Year’s resolutions are: 1. To improve your health and 2. To get your home more organised. Here at Easy Storage Rockingham we know that using self-storage can help you accomplish both these resolutions. How? Read on…

  1. Better health – No matter how you wish to improve your health, it will most likely include some form of exercise. Gym memberships can work, but it is the most effective and convenient way if you can exercise at home. Why not make use of all the New Year’s sales and get the gym equipment you want? Turn one of the rooms into a home gym which is accessible whenever you are home! And what do you do with all the stuff that was in that room before? self storage is the answer!
  2. Getting your home more organised – Christmas gifts can add to the already cluttered home. Storing things like seasonal gear , a car or caravan which will not be used while someone travels overseas, etc. can really help you achieve this resolution. Talk to the friendly staff at Easy Storage Rockingham which gives you 24/7 access so you can get hold of anything when you need/want it. Or enable you to store more things as you keep this resolution!

Statistics show that only 8% of people keep their resolutions. Below are a few tips to help you be part of the select few:

  • Make your goals specific – Healthier can mean anything, where running 3 times a week is much more specific.
  • Measure your progress – Anything you can measure, you can change.
  • Be patient with yourself – Change will happen for those who work had at it.
  • Share your goals with family and friends – they will be able to assist and motivate you to succeed!
  • Choose a specific time to work on reaching your goals – this will ensure you do not fall into the trap of not having enough time to do it. Plan this time into your schedule.
  • Do not have an “all or nothing” attitude – any small step towards reaching your goal is further than you have been before in reaching your goal. Keep going!!
  • If you slip up, do not give up! – get back right into it in the next time slot you planned for. This will ensure you still keep working at it, even if life sometimes gets in the way!
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