ORGANISE a surprise for Valentine’s Day

It is that time of the year: Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and the pressure is on to surprise the love of your life with something romantic and special… Sure, you could do the usual like chocolates, flowers or dining out, but that is a bit predictable (and boring??). Why not do something super special this year that will blow him/her away?

No, it is not too hard! And this idea does not require spending lots of money, while he or she will love you for it!

You know that mess in the garage or shed she is always complaining about? Or the craft supplies he finds all over the house or take up much of the spare room? Whatever the disorganised thing is that annoys your spouse (and no, it does not mean you have to throw your stuff away!!) – You know what I am talking about! Surprise the love of your life by ORGANISING this year. Here are some tips for you:

  • Choose one organising project you will be able to complete before Valentine’s Day.
  • If you can possibly set time aside to do this when your other half is not home, this will be ideal and not spoil the surprise.
  • An option is to ask your best friend to help and return the favour.
  • Get some good packing boxes and have a label maker or permanent marker handy to clearly mark what goes in each box.
  • Decide on an organising system that works for YOU – remember that you will be the one using these things again. Your spouse will just be impressed that everything is organised and the “mess” is gone!
  • Small items like craft supplies, buttons, bolts or nuts can be sorted in small jars or zip lock bags – you can easily find second hand jars at op-shops at minimal cost.
  • Label each jar and box so you can easily find your things when you need them again.
  • If you wish to create more space, consider putting some of your things in storage.
  • To finish off the project, you could hang a few decorations around the newly organised space.
  • The final touch is to invest in a lovely Valentine’s card with directions to the gift (and remember to tell him/her you love them too!).
  • Now you can watch the stunned surprise on the face of your loved one when he/she discovers their gift this year – and you will be enjoying brownie points for your efforts for a long time!!
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