Pack a Car Kit for Summer

Summer should be packed with lots of days going to the beach, or having a picnic. It is a good idea to stock the car with items you will definitely need, especially if the picnic or beach trip is sudden and unplanned! Here are a few items we suggest for your summer car kit:

  • A plastic drop cloth can keep the wetness away from your picnic blanket (which you throw on top). Having the drop cloth in the car is also useful when bringing plants home from the store.
  • A picnic blanket – keep it secured with a bungee cord. The blanket will also come in handy if you have fragile shopping that needs to be secured.
  • A small cooler that can be filled with essential food & drink items (collapsible is best for space saving when not in use)
  • Stockpile wipes for hands and sticky accidents
  • A small bucket can hold some of these items while handy if you buy flowers – and turn into the sand toy the kids need for an unexpected trip to the beach.
  • A roll of toilet paper/kitchen towels – because you never know when you may need it!!
  • Stuff plastic bags in the toilet roll/paper towel roll for trash and unexpected things like shell collections
  • A mini broom and dustpan for removal of sand from feet, shoes and the car’s interior
  • Always take a supply of water – wherever you go! And a few disposable cups.
  • A few towels that permanently stays in the car – remember if you use them to replace them the moment you get home.
  • Sunscreen – even if the hats have been left at home, you will still be able to keep the sun at bay when you have sunscreen in your car kit.

Enjoy those planned and unplanned beach trips and picnics!

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