Packing the car

Do you often wonder how your parents used to fit in all the kids, pets and luggage in the car for the family holiday? It is amazing what you can manage to fit in if you pack correctly. Here are a few tips to help you fit everyone’s stuff in without too much fuss:

  • Only pack what you really need.
  • Consider your vehicle and how much space it actually has. Take this into account as well as how many people you plan to take along on the trip.
  • Use this knowledge to estimate roughly how many bags you will be able to fit in. Restrict your passengers on how many bags each one can take BEFORE they start packing.
  • Gather everything that you wish to fit into your car together outside the vehicle, BEFORE you start packing the car.
  • Take note of fixed shape items like ski’s or fishing rods, which need more room and cannot be bent. These items should be packed first, or given the room they require and other items should be fitted around them.
  • Ask passengers to take small “carry-on luggage” with items they may need during the trip. This will avoid the need to go through packed luggage during the trip.
  • Aim to pack things you will require immediately upon reaching your destination, closest to the door.
  • Use bags, not boxes or hard suitcases – zip up bags still keep everything inside, while you can easily shape them to fit better around everything and make more use of every little space.
  • If something absolutely has to go in a box, make use of more small boxes than one large one. Again, this will enable you to utilise every little space available.
  • Make use of EVERY HIDDEN SPACE – you will be amazed how many little spaces there are in a car. The spaces under the front seats are ideal to store extra water bottles, snacks that are packaged and books. In the trunk or the back of the hatch, the wheel wells are perfect for storing backpacks, bags of clothes and even shoes.
  • The area around the spare tyre can also be used, just make sure you take the spare tyre along!!
  • If you are using a roof carrier/rack, ensure everything is tied down securely. Do not store anything of value outside your vehicle, which can be easily accessed at rest stops.
  • Small items can be stored at your feet, but make sure you and your passengers are comfortable and safe. You do not wish to spend a very long road trip with hardly any space for your feet!
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