Packing, transporting and storing your plasma TV

You have invested lots of money in your big screen plasma TV and now you need to move it to a different house, or maybe you need to store it for a while in-between addresses. Whatever the reason, there are a few questions you would ponder before you go ahead with packing and moving it:

  • Can I lay down a plasma TV? It is advisable not to, due to the increased pressure on the heavy glass which the screen is made from. This will increase the risk of cracking.
  • How do you move a plasma TV? Plasma TV’s have a double layer of glass with gas inside. This makes the screen very fragile so you need to ensure it is wrapped up well. Keep it upright at all times during packing and moving and never stack anything on top of it.
  • Can I store a plasma TV in a storage unit? Yes you can – preferably in a unit where the temperature can be fairly moderate. Plasma TV’s do not like extreme heat or cold – talk to your local storage facility staff, they will give you good advice.
  • Where can I find a box to fit my plasma TV? If you still have the original packaging your TV came in, you will be one of only a few! If not, your local storage facility will offer you the best specialised boxes for packing plasma TV’s upright. There will be more than one size available to fit your specific need. These boxes will have Styrofoam inserts designed to snugly and safely fit your size TV and also provide straps to safely keep the box closed and make it easier to carry.

Although these boxes may be costly, it is definitely worthwhile to protect an expensive item like this – you will not regret it. Most storage facilities will buy back a box in good condition from you when you are done using it.

Tips for before packing and storing your plasma:

  • Clean your Plasma TV before storing it – you do not want collected dust to turn into grime.
  • Do not use glass cleaners, they interfere with the coating on the screen. Rather use a microfiber cloth dampened with warm water.
  • Store your TV upright in its box (see previous explanations)
  • Avoid extreme temperatures
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