Relationship Break-ups – Is There a Storage Solution?

You never imagined it would come to this, did you? All the wonderful plans of living together, the house, the furniture, all have to go…

A break-up was never part of your plans, but the reality now forces you to find solutions that will get you back on track.

We can help you with a temporary storage solution:

Sudden choices:

Amidst feelings of hurt, anger, disappointment or maybe even relief, the immediate problem to solve is your living arrangements. Ask yourselves:

Are you both moving out?

If not, who stays and who goes?

How do we share the bills, possessions and personal space?

There is no reason to add additional stress about not knowing where to go with your belongings.

Short term or long term storage may be the solution you are looking for!

Storage can definitely help speed up the process of parting in a civil manner, removing the unproductive feeling of pulling against each other in opposite direction.

Less Practical options:

Crash on your best friend’s couch, having their pet as your new sleeping buddy.


Change the locks and hide.


Keep living together trying to pretend everything is fine…

More practical:

Open Communication: Amicable discussion with your ex can lead to a mutually beneficial arrangement both quicker and easier. If you’re finding it hard to manage your emotions, take a cool headed, independent friend along.

Definite decision: Tough as it may be, the decision on who will be moving out (you, your ex or both) should be made ASAP.

Consider Self Storage: This can be a real life saver in the decision process. Storing your stuff securely, while taking time to plan your immediate future, can really ease the pressure on you.

Tips when considering self –storage

  1. 24 hour access – you have enough on your mind without having to keep track of when you can access your valuables
  2. Security & insurance – some companies offer free insurance included for the 1st month. (Peace of mind while you get your life back on track)
  3. Customer service – Staff with compassion for your situation & care for your belongings.

Tips on dividing your possessions:

  1. Retains ownership of things which belonged to each party when the relationship started
  2. The remaining things – consider who wanted it most when you bought it?
  3. Endeavour to divide it equally ($ value)
  4. If no one wants it, or too hard to decide – sell it & split the money


Packing & Moving: If you wish to avoid too much contact with your ex, arrange packing and moving at different times.


Good packing material: This can make packing up much easier to manage and organise.

Packing well will remove a large part of moving related stress.

A good self-storage facility will assist you with all your packing requirements (boxes, tape, butchers paper, furniture protectors, etc.).

Some will even have good second hand boxes available.

Removalists: A self-storage facility is a good source of reliable removalists. Alternatively, they will have easy to use furniture trailers available for hire as well.

  • Plan ahead
  • Be civil
  • Respect each other’s space
  • Make a clean break
  • Set a “moving out” date
  • Seek support
  • Compromise on the details


Temporary break?

Sometimes couples temporarily separate to constructively work out their problems/differences. No, don’t laugh, I really know someone who has lived through it to tell the tale. Their relationship was important to them, but not doing so great. They took the bold step of selling their house, stored all their belongings at a reliable storage company and took time out from each other.

After some time apart, and good therapy sessions, they worked things out – now happily together again.

Permanent break?

This is a life changing event, but a manageable one. With support and practical solutions you will get through. Keep one very important thing in mind:

Sometimes “goodbye” is a second chance. Take it.

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