Renting? Selling? Declutter with Easy Storage Rockingham!

    • Whether you’re moving, renting a storage unit, or just wanting more space in your home, decluttering your house is a positive way to feel more comfortable and calmer in your environment.
    • Reorganising space and sorting through your belongings can make life a lot easier for you and your family in your house, by creating a clean living environment.
    • Let us help you create more space today!

Don’t know where to start?

    • Remember: you do not have to do it all in one go!
    • And: you do not have to do it all by yourself! Ask your family or household members to help you.
    • Or ask our helpful staff at Easy Storage Rockingham
    • Create an easy list of what to get done and how to do it.
    • Below we have provided a few easy steps to help you find the best possible way to declutter your home.
    • Make your life easy with some good storage options.

What will you need?

    • Boxes – At Easy Storage Rockingham we have the largest local box showroom where you can buy all the boxes you need for your declutter project.
    • Buy boxes online from our website is even easier.
    • Large garbage/carry bags – you can buy some from your local super market, or get sturdy, industry standard carry bags from our box shop.
    • Permanent markers for labelling those boxes. Easy Storage Rockingham also stocks fragile stickers for your most vulnerable items.

Start small

    • If you start with something small like a desk drawer or tallboy drawer, you will have a fast and impressive result
    • This will give make you feel encouraged and ready for more.
    • Take on one room at a time. When it is completely decluttered, you will be very motivated to tackle the next room!

Time limit

    • Set yourself a time limit – don’t over exert yourself in one particular room.
    • Work on each room of the house for a certain period of time.
    • Set reasonable goals for yourself, you should only empty out what you have time to put back in its place, or else you will create quite a mess.

Ask for help

    • The task of decluttering will be made a lot easier if you enlist the help of your family and/or household members.
    • Having others help you is a positive way to ensure you’re keeping the items you truly need
    • You will more easily be able to throw out items that you’re attached to for no reason.

Decide what you NEED; not want:

    • Getting rid of these unused, not needed items can at times be difficult, but it needs to be done.
    • Grab a large rubbish bag, and with each item use the 5 second rule. If you cannot find a reason to keep it within 5 seconds, it can go.
    • Have a box “to keep”, one “to donate” and one “to throw out”. Stick to these and leave items in the box you put it in.

Use the age-old ‘one in; one out’ rule:

    • If you buy something new, throw out something old. This will prevent more clutter in the future!

Don’t “re-pack”:

    • Once you’ve opened a drawer and started to clear out items and declutter a room, don’t repack the items back into another drawer!
    • Sort it out and once you’ve decided what to do with it; either throw it out or put it in its place.

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