Storage Tips for Tradies

As a tradie, you will collect a large number of tools and supplies to help you in your trade. It is true that you can keep a lot of your work tools in your vehicle, but you cannot keep everything in there every day.  There will be multiple times when you need more space in your vehicle and store some of your tools and supplies elsewhere.

You are also likely to acquire numerous gadgets, left over materials and other useful bits and pieces which will prove handy for work and home. This also needs to be stored somewhere safe.


  • Is your garage or shed slowly starting to show signs of overflowing?
  • Does your family get a bit annoyed sometimes when it is hard to find something they have stored in the shed or garage due to space issues?
  • Do you find it difficult to find the right tool or gadget due to not having enough space?



Have you ever considered self-storage? Self-storage with 24/7 access can help you keep your trade stuff separate from your home stuff and clear space in your shed and garage.

You will be able to get to your stuff anytime you wish, while it stays safe and secure in your storage unit. Meantime you and your family will love the space you have available in your garage and shed!

The cost of a storage unit may be much lower than you think! Plus there are multiple sizes available to fit your specific needs. If you use your storage unit only to store your work stuff, it may be classified as a business expense. You may even be allowed to claim it on your tax return – check with your accountant first.

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