Store your out-of-season-clothing

  • The season is getting colder and you know the task lies ahead of organising your winter wardrobe and packing away the summer clothes.
  • Putting it off will only result in more time required to get ready in the morning, looking for a jacket you know you have somewhere, but cannot find in the pile of summer stuff.
  • Everyone’s wardrobe can benefit from the season change – declutter and re-organising can do wonders for creating more space.
  • Get rid of the clothes you know you won’t wear again, since you kept them last year and didn’t end up wearing them at all.
  • And it really is time to come to terms with the too-small clothes you have kept forever, which will not fit you again anyway! Remove them from your wardrobe – all they do is take up unnecessary space.
  • A great way of getting more space in your wardrobe is to store your out of season clothing.
  • Keep your fluffy scarves and nice warm clothes handy. And a few bits and pieces of in-between weather items for the sudden spike-in-temperature-days. There will not be too many of them.
  • Pack away your middle of summer clothes and accessories and store them securely – you can rent a self-storage unit for much less than you think and clear out some serious space at home.
  • Now that you have the space, you can re-organise your wardrobe with all the stuff you have and maybe get a few new bits and pieces to add to your wintery warmers!!
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