Reasons to rent a self storage unit

Look around

If you take a good look around your home, do you notice piles of unneeded items lying around? Are you used to the clutter and do not really have space to clean these piles away? Maybe you still have moving boxes months (even years!) after moving house, which you never got around to sort through?



You may even have been wishing to buy a boat, a caravan or a motorhome. You wish the shed or house had more storage space. A self storage unit with 24/7 access may well be the answer for you.


Storage solutions needed

  • Your spare room is used for storage

Do you hardly use your spare room since it is doubling as storage? Are there piles of clothes, maybe washing racks, or extra boxes filled with things you haven’t used in ages? Think how nice it will be to have the spare room back for guests. Or maybe you can turn it into an art and craft space, maybe put the sewing table in there – the possibilities are endless! You can declutter the mess and rent a storage unit where you can keep everything you do not want to part with! Read our blog for easy declutter tips.

  • Your garage isn’t used for parking cars

If your car cannot fit into the garage and are exposed to the elements outside, chances are your garage is filled with camping gear, clothes, excess furniture and any other thing that doesn’t have a storage space in the house. If you store all your extra gear in a self storage unit, your car can be nicely parked in the garage where it is safer and convenient. Check out our storage unit range and book online today!

  • Your cupboards are overflowing

It may be your wardrobe that is overstuffed with clothes you haven’t worn in a long time. Find helpful tips for cleaning out a messy closet in our blog . Maybe it’s other cupboards in the house that are just stuffed to the brim due to storage shortages. Renting a storage locker or a larger unit can really solve your problem.

  • Your driveway is full

It may be that your adult kids are travelling, and their car storage is your problem. Or your caravan or boat is taking up your driveway space. See our huge range of parking spaces and get your driveway cleared out today!

  • You want to buy a boat or caravan, but don’t have room at home

Who said you have to keep it at home? With 24/7 access to our very secure storage facility at Easy Storage Rockingham, you can park it safely and come and go as you please. Check out our boat storage and caravan storage solutions and let us help you fulfil that dream!

  • Self storage units are cheaper than you think

You may think it will cost you an arm and a leg to rent a storage unit at Easy Storage Rockingham, but it is more affordable than you may think! And if you store long term, we will work out an even better deal for you. Call us free today on 1800 655 922

  • Other reasons

You may have your own unique reasons why a storage unit can make your life easier. You may need short term storage or packing supplies. We have you covered at Easy Storage Rockingham. We have many happy customers from Baldivis, Kwinana, Mandurah and even on the other side of Australia and overseas. Don’t take our word for it – read our Google and Facebook reviews for yourself and book a storage unit with us today!

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