Unusual tips for moving that really works

  • Socks around wine glasses can protect their delicate stems (clean socks please!!)
  • Do not wrap each of your plates individually – too costly and time consuming! Invest in a cheap pack of Styrofoam plates. Pack one glass plate, one Styrofoam plate, etc.
  • Using sheets as packing material will free up box space and protect your furniture
  • You can spend lots of time to label each box, or you can buy multi coloured sticky dots and have a different colour dot for every room
  • Use wheelie bags or suitcases with wheels to pack lots of your stuff – it’s a lot easier to cart these around than having to carry boxes
  • Pull clean garbage bags around your hanging clothes and move them without having to pack them
  • Keep at least half of your fish water for your aquarium to ensure your fish has the best chance of surviving the move
  • DO NOT pack any boxes in the garage or shed. This will prolong unpacking to whenever…
  • Unpack the TV last – this will ensure most things are done before everyone sits down to rest in front of their favourite show…
  • Clear obstacles in your old and new home so everyone helping can move efficiently through
  • Remove doors from hinges temporarily to help moving items easier through doorways
  • Appoint a “stopper” – this will be a person responsible to shout out a warning BEFORE you hit a wall, doorway, etc…
  • Wear appropriate clothes and footwear for a day of moving
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