Working Interstate or Overseas

So, the company offered you a temporary contract interstate or overseas for a year or 3, and it is possible to temporarily relocate yourself (and the family with you).

There will be lots to plan and to do in getting everything set up, from accommodation, transport to travel plans, etc. However, your company will take care of most of that. You (and your family) will have to make other decisions, which the company will not be directly involved in. Below is a list which could help:

  • Will you be taking your own car with you? Most likely not. You need to decide if you will sell it, or you could store it securely at a self-storage facility. Ask us how. Remember to inform your insurance company of all the changes.
  • Want to sell your house? You can always look for a new one to buy when your contract is over.
  • Or do you love where you live and do not want to sell your house? You could rent it out for the period of your work contract. Make sure you choose a property manager with a good reputation for peace of mind.
  • There will be personal items which you would want to take along to your new temporary residence. Clothes, some toys, etc. will be moving right along with you – now is the time te decide what goes and what stays.
  • Take this opportunity to declutter and get rid of things you do not use or need. See our other blogs which offer help with decluttering.
  • The remainder of furniture and household items which you want to keep, needs to be carefully packed and stored securely for when you get back. Your local self-storage facility will be able to offer you a great long term deal, plus expert advice on packing/storing.
  • For packing materials designed to protect your valuables, ask us today, we are here to help!


Wishing you all the best with your new adventure – and welcoming you back when it is done!!

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