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Overflowing garage or shed

Are you avoiding going into the garage or shed, since you cannot find anything in there anyway? Don’t despair! Here at Easy Storage Rockingham, we want to help you create the useful space you want, plus make it so much easier to find anything you need!


Create space

  • If you store vehicles in your garage or shed, first take them out and give yourself space to get organised. If not, you may need to choose a mild weather day, so you can take stuff outside to clear space to get the job done.
  • Decide where to start, at one end, and gradually work your way through from one side to the other.


Vehicle Storage options

  • If you have excess vehicles that you do not use regularly, you may consider choosing an easy and affordable storage solution at Easy Storage Rockingham. Check out our secure parking spaces or garages online or contact us for a special long term price today!



Storage clear out tips

  • Make definite piles – one for throwing away, one for keeping, one for donating. There are not to be any in-between piles.
  • Keeping your wheelie bin close, will make it easier to get rid of throw-away stuff immediately. Larger items can be put out with your next verge collection. If it’s really bad, you may need to hire a skip before you start!
  • Keep in mind: If you haven’t used an item in the last 12 months, you are most likely to not use it ever. Throw away or donate – DO NOT KEEP.
  • Keep to the 5 second rule – take 5 seconds to decide if an item is a definite keeper. Longer than 5 seconds and you need to throw it out or donate it. DO NOT LOOK BACK – only look at the clutter you have not worked through yet.
  • When this is done, first get rid of the trow-away pile. Most should be in the wheelie bin/skip by now. Larger items to store for verge collection should be kept just outside the shed/garage – neatly packed as to not cause you frustration.
  • Next pack the donate pile up and deliver to the charity, or arrange for it to be picked up.
  • Lastly, but most important, you sort through the keep-pile. Pack the things you are definitely keeping, but do not use very often in sturdy boxes. You can buy boxes online at our box shop.
  • A great idea is to store some of your stuff off-site to clear out more space for you to work with. It is more affordable than you think at Easy Storage Rockingham. Check out our wide range of storage units online.


Great use of space

  • It is advisable to put up shelves/racks to make best use of vertical space, even if you need a ladder to reach it. This will clear up maximum floor space in the garage or shed.
  • Label boxes clearly when you stack them. Try to keep some sort of order when packing – like camping gear in one place, tools in another, sport stuff together, you get the idea.
  • Hanging hand tools on pin boards against the wall will make maximum use of the space you have.
  • You will be amazed at how much space you have available after this exercise. If you haven’t had space for your car in the garage before, you very well may now!


More ideas

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