Cheap Storage Solutions

18 November 2019

Overflowing garage or shed Are you avoiding going into the garage or shed, since you cannot find anything in there anyway? Don’t despair! Here at Easy Storage Rockingham, we want to help you create the useful space you want, plus make it so much easier to find anything you need!   Create space If you store vehicles in your garage or shed, first take them out and give yourself space to get or

Find the right storage unit for you

12 November 2019

At Easy Storage Rockingham, finding the right storage unit for your specific needs is not as difficult as you may think. Here are a few tips to help you decide which unit or parking space is best for you: Unit size Most units tend to be able to fit more of your stuff than you may think, especially if you pack and plan well. You can check out our storage unit range online. Our friendly staff will

Need more business storage space?

04 November 2019

Questions Is your office getting overcrowded and you would love to create a bit more room to move? Can your business benefit from buying in bulk to make much needed savings, but you have no room to store the extra stock? Do you think business storage rent is unaffordable? Have you ever wondered: Are there business storage units near me?   We can help! There are many reasons why a business sto

Reasons to rent a self storage unit

28 October 2019

Look around If you take a good look around your home, do you notice piles of unneeded items lying around? Are you used to the clutter and do not really have space to clean these piles away? Maybe you still have moving boxes months (even years!) after moving house, which you never got around to sort through?   Wishing You may even have been wishing to buy a boat, a caravan or a motorhome. You

Self storage service that stands out

21 October 2019

When it comes to self-storage, don’t compromise – get the best available in the business who offers you the best storage unit process. Here at Easy Storage Rockingham, we want to make your storage experience an easy one and we strive to do the following: Listen to you – Our friendly, experienced staff will aim to get to know you by asking questions and concentrating on what you are telling them.

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