Tips To Keep Your Goods Safe in Storage

27 January 2020

Why? When you put your belongings into a self-storage unit, you clearly want to use them again. This means that you want to keep them more or less in the same condition as they are when you start storing them. So, when you’re packing up your belongings and getting them ready for storage, it is important to remember the proper way of packing, storing and stacking your things. At Easy Storage Rocki

Self Storage Unit Considerations

20 January 2020

Different storage facilities Renting a self-storage unit can be a daunting decision for many people. At Easy Storage Rockingham we aim to make it easy to trust our staff and feel comfortable at our self- storage facility. Trusting Easy Storage Rockingham with your belongings is not a decision we expect you to take lightly and we are here to help you every step of the way. You may think all storag

Easy Car Storage Rockingham

13 January 2020

Have you considered car storage for that special vehicle of yours? You can trust us at Easy Storage Rockingham to provide you with the best, secure car storage, so you do not have to park your pride and joy just anywhere. Types of car storage Uncovered car storage Most people prefer car parking bays that are usually uncovered areas with spaces ranging up to 8 meters in length. Easy car access is

Self-Storage Rockingham Agreements

06 January 2020

Decision made You have decided a self-storage unit is the best storage option for you. At Easy Storage Rockingham we make self-storage easy for you. When signing up for a self-storage unit, you will have the option to choose between a standard agreement and a managed agreement.   Standard self-storage agreement A standard agreement is the most common and is mostly for “traditional” storers

A storage unit solution for downsizing

30 December 2019

Decision time So, you are finally facing the inevitability of having to downsize – or maybe you have already made the decision. It isn’t easy, especially if you have lived in your current house for a long time. You have collected a lifetime of memories, furniture and the like and now you have to decide what stays and what goes, before moving day!!   A self-storage unit This is where a self

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