Tips to help you have a relaxing Christmas Day…

14 December 2018

Do you always have good intentions about enjoying Christmas Day, but end up stressed and exhausted? Here are tips to help you have a relaxing day this year: Keep in mind to be relaxed ABOUT Christmas – the real reason for the season is not spending as much as you can to impress everybody. Neither is it to take on all the responsibility to feed the masses while you drop down in an exhausted heap.

Helpful tips to organise your Christmas party…

30 November 2018

Is it your turn to host the family & friends celebration this year? We have put together a few tips to help you get organised and plan well so you can enjoy the event too. · Fix a budget – Choose a realistic amount you expect to spend and stick to it. No one wants to be left with debt well into the New Year just to impress friends and family. Just because the party is at your house, doesn’t me

How to store your car long term

01 October 2018

If you are considering storing your car long term, there are a number of helpful hints we can offer to ensure your car is kept in the best condition during storage. Here they are: Change the oil and filter before storage.If your car is being stored for an extended period of time (years), talk to a mechanic about using oils without special additives. Fill the fuel tank with fresh, premium fuel. Th

Spring is here!!!

03 September 2018

Yes, it may not feel like it in the evenings and mornings, but the sun is coming through more and more during the day and we know spring is here! It gives the whole world a bit of a buzz, which has been dormant all winter. It also means the days are getting longer and you have more daylight time to get outside and get stuff done! Here are a few ideas to get you moving: Start that project you have

Things to consider when upgrading to a bigger home

17 August 2018

So, your family (and income) has outgrown your current living space? You are thinking of upgrading to a bigger home, maybe a bigger block? There are more things to consider before you make the move: You may need to buy in a different neighbourhood to find what you are looking for. This may require more than just moving house – it can potentially mean moving schools for your kids. This may also in

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