Renovating? We can help!

11 June 2018

Have you finally made the decision to start that renovation project which you were planning on? Exciting and daunting all at the same time? Here are some helpful hints to help get the project running a little smoother: The majority of renovation projects cost more than you bargain for – keep this in mind when planning. Do not make up the budget as you go. Be informed and do not underestimate what

Downsizing to a smaller house

18 May 2018

So, you are finally considering or have made the decision to downsize. It isn’t easy, especially if you have lived in your current house for a long time. You have collected a lifetime of memories, furniture and the like and now you have to decide what stays and what goes, before moving day!! This is where self-storage can help you – you do not have to decide everything at once. Follow these steps:

Store your out-of-season-clothing

28 April 2018

The season is getting colder and you know the task lies ahead of organising your winter wardrobe and packing away the summer clothes. Putting it off will only result in more time required to get ready in the morning, looking for a jacket you know you have somewhere, but cannot find in the pile of summer stuff. Everyone’s wardrobe can benefit from the season change – declutter and re-organising ca

Working Interstate or Overseas

14 April 2018

So, the company offered you a temporary contract interstate or overseas for a year or 3, and it is possible to temporarily relocate yourself (and the family with you). There will be lots to plan and to do in getting everything set up, from accommodation, transport to travel plans, etc. However, your company will take care of most of that. You (and your family) will have to make other decisions, wh

Packing the car

29 March 2018

Do you often wonder how your parents used to fit in all the kids, pets and luggage in the car for the family holiday? It is amazing what you can manage to fit in if you pack correctly. Here are a few tips to help you fit everyone’s stuff in without too much fuss: Only pack what you really need. Consider your vehicle and how much space it actually has. Take this into account as well as how many pe

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