Common Storage Mistakes in a Small Living Space

26 July 2021

Here at Easy Storage Rockingham, we know that not all apartments/homes/units come with lots of space. It is good not to fall into the trap of storing your furniture, clothes, etc.  the wrong way, but making the most of the storage space you have. Easy Storage has identified the most common mistakes made when facing a small storage space – and giving you easy solutions to overcome them! Thinking h

Moving out

16 June 2021

Whether it is your own decision or someone else’s, here at Easy Storage Rockingham we understand, that moving out on your own to live independently can be overwhelming. Here are a few tips to help make it easier: Which moving options do you have? First you have to consider buying, sharing or renting a new place. Ask yourself questions like will you be happy completely on your own, or would you r

Find the right storage unit for you

27 May 2021

Here at Easy Storage Rockingham, finding the right storage unit for your specific needs is not as difficult as you may think. Our experienced staff put together a few tips to help you decide which storage unit or parking space is best for you: Unit size Most units tend to be able to fit more of your stuff than you may think, especially if you pack and plan well. You can check out our storage uni

Outgrowing your current business space?

29 April 2021

Attention Businesses!! Do you need more space to successfully run your business, but you do not want the added expense of renting additional retail floor space? Here at Easy Storage Rockingham we have the answer: a self-storage unit with 24/7 access will benefit your business and may be exactly what you need! You will be amazed at the low prices available for a variety of different sized storage u

Upgrading to a bigger home?

07 April 2021

So, your family (and income) has outgrown your current living space? Are you thinking of upgrading to a bigger home, maybe a bigger block? Here at Easy Storage Rockingham, we want to help you consider a few important things before you make the decision to move. Things to consider: You may need to buy in a different neighbourhood to find what you are looking for. This may require more than just mo

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