Is your garage/shed overflowing? We can help!

16 February 2018

Are you avoiding going into the garage or shed, since you cannot find anything in there anyway? Don’t despair! Follow these steps and create the useful space you want, plus make it so much easier to find anything you need! If you store vehicles in there – take them out, so you have space to work. (If not, you may need to choose a mild weather day, so you can log some outside space to get the job

Need a helping hand when packing/moving?

05 February 2018

The biggest question when you need to start packing for moving is normally “where do I start?” Please do not despair! Moving may seem difficult or overwhelming, but if you get the right advice, it can be a lot easier on you than you may think! Here are a few tips to give you a helping hand and make you realise it’s not that bad: Do not delay packing – even if you are a last minute kind of person,

Get back to the real important things

12 January 2018

Are you moving house, building or relocating to a new business premises? Are you moving out of home for the first time? Maybe you are happy in your current place, but it is overcrowded and you need more storage space? Do you require more business space for stock to increase your buying power, but retail space is too expensive? Are you doing fly-in-fly-out and need a secure space for your car whil

Helpful tips to create better living space

01 December 2017

Have a look around your home. Can you benefit from decluttering or re-organising? Maybe you have been thinking about this many times but think it is too much effort? All you need are a few good pointers to create a better living space in your home! Here are a few: Decluttering is linked to less anxiety – there is a healthy reason to get started! Choose one room or space at a time – you do not nee

Practical help when there is a death in the family

20 November 2017

When someone in your family dies, there will be a lot to deal with on top of the grief. You need to sort a death certificate, arrange the funeral, support other family members in their grief, let others know that the family member has passed away, etc. Added to all of this, will be to deal with the belongings of the deceased person. You may not be able to face going through all of their possession

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