Short term business closure – help during COVID-19

03 April 2020

The unthinkable happens Businesses have been operating normally and suddenly, within a matter of weeks, daily COVID-19 changes have hit everyone hard – especially businesses, small business owners and employees even more than others. Has the unthinkable happened and have you been forced to close part or all of your business due to the current crisis? No one could have predicted this. Easy Storage

Choose the right box at Easy Storage Rockingham

30 March 2020

Different packing boxes Not all packing boxes are created equal. They differ in size and functionality, so choosing the right box for the job is simple and affordable if you know what you need. Easy Storage Rockingham will help you choose the right box and packing supplies for every packing need; whether you’re packing up a home library of books, bottles of prized wine or your wedding dress. Pac

Plan Your Storage Space

23 March 2020

When you have made the decision to rent a storage unit, the first thing you need to think about is how you should pack and stack your belongings the best possible way. At Easy Storage Rockingham we recommend that the best way to go about this is to plan and plan well. Our expert staff are here to help you to organise your unit in the most practical way possible, help you get organised and ensure y

Helpful tips before renting a storage unit

13 March 2020

What should you know before you rent a storage unit? At Easy Storage Rockingham we have put together a helpful list that may assist you in making the best decisions for your personal storage needs. When it comes to renting a storage unit, we will have all the answers you are looking for and work out a great deal for you too – So come down to our storage facility here in Rockingham and we will help

Tips To Keep Your Goods Safe in Storage

27 January 2020

Why? When you put your belongings into a self-storage unit, you clearly want to use them again. This means that you want to keep them more or less in the same condition as they are when you start storing them. So, when you’re packing up your belongings and getting them ready for storage, it is important to remember the proper way of packing, storing and stacking your things. At Easy Storage Rocki

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