Get more storage space

16 February 2021

Messy Garage? Everyone wants to enjoy summer. At Easy Storage Rockingham we are no different! This is the time of year when kids are laughing in the sunshine, water splashing at your feet at the beach… you want to grab your stuff and seize the day…But when you open the garage to get your boogie board, skis, and beach gear. Only problem is – the garage is a mess!Easy Storage Rockingham would lo

A helping hand for packing and moving

27 January 2021

We can help The biggest question when you need to start packing for moving is normally “where do I start?” Please do not despair!Moving may seem difficult or overwhelming, but if you get the right advice, it can be a lot easier on you than you may think! At Easy Storage Rockingham we love to offer helpful advice for packing, moving and storage Be organised Do not delay packing – even

Easy de-clutter tips for the new year…

13 January 2021

Feel like pulling your hair out when you walk into your games room after the festive season? Is it overflowing with new toys and older ones from previous years? Now is a great opportunity to take stock of the gifts everyone received. Here at Easy Storage Rockingham, we would like to help you put the smile back on your face with renewed energy after the busy festive season.   Donate Charity orga

Caravan Storage Rockingham

30 December 2020

“Honey, let’s buy a caravan” “But we have no room to store a caravan!” “Who says we have to store it at home?” Live the dream Do you want to live the outdoors dream, but losing your back yard to store your new investment when you are not travelling, is not a great part of that dream?  Do you really want your RV or caravan taking up all that space in your driveway, yard or garage when

Clever ideas with cardboard boxes

11 December 2020

More than just cardboard boxes If you think about cardboard boxes, what is the first thought that comes to mind? Maybe using cardboard boxes for moving or for storage? But do not be mistaken, cardboard boxes can also be put to good use for interesting things like dress-up costumes, or holidays projects for the kids! There are many good websites out there which will help you entertain the kids wit

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