Make a warm plan in the cold months…

06 August 2018

The weather is wet and very cold, but it won’t be for long anymore. Use the last of these inside weeks to plan for the arrival of spring. It will warm you up from the inside to look forward to a de-clutter project in or around your home. Maybe it is the shed or storage room that needs serious re-organising. Or you want to get your caravan/mobile home sorted before the warmer months are here? Maybe

Need more office space, but cannot afford it?

06 July 2018

Is your office getting slightly overcrowded and you would love to create a bit more room to move? We can help! Self-storage can be your solution! Here is why: Storage space is a lot more affordable than retail space There are storage lockers starting from as small as 1 cubic meter Sizes vary in-between and can be as big as a mini warehouse of 126 cubic meters! You will have 24/7 access to everyth

EOFY – Helpful tips for filing & archiving

25 June 2018

Hard to believe, but yes, it is almost end of another financial year!! Soon we need to get all the paperwork in order for personal and business tax returns. And the paperwork just keeps multiplying… Here are a few tips to help you stay sane in the next few weeks and months: Check the age of your filed financial documents – most documents you need to keep for 5 years (and some for 7 years). Anythi

Renovating? We can help!

11 June 2018

Have you finally made the decision to start that renovation project which you were planning on? Exciting and daunting all at the same time? Here are some helpful hints to help get the project running a little smoother: The majority of renovation projects cost more than you bargain for – keep this in mind when planning. Do not make up the budget as you go. Be informed and do not underestimate what

Downsizing to a smaller house

18 May 2018

So, you are finally considering or have made the decision to downsize. It isn’t easy, especially if you have lived in your current house for a long time. You have collected a lifetime of memories, furniture and the like and now you have to decide what stays and what goes, before moving day!! This is where self-storage can help you – you do not have to decide everything at once. Follow these steps:

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