Great moving tip: Pack a First-Night-Box

11 February 2019

Moving is a stressful event for most people. You can make things much easier on you and the whole family by packing a First-Night-Box. This box will contain the last items you may need after most of your household is packed up, and the first box you will unpack in your new place. Here are some great ideas what you should include in your First Night Box: Toilet Paper Toiletries Medications Snacks

Easy organising tips for back to school

28 January 2019

Suddenly the end of the holiday is nearing and back to school is a rude awakening for the household. Try these tips to help you get organised and limit stress before the big day arrives: Set up a family bulletin board to keep things organised throughout the week. A whiteboard with a weekly family calendar can make it easy for everyone to know what happens during the week. If you find it helpful,

How decluttering can help relieve anxiety

14 January 2019

Online dictionaries define clutter as follows: “to fill or litter with things in a disorderly manner”. The exact opposite is the word declutter defined as follows: “to simplify or get rid of mess, disorder or complications”. Be honest – do you feel relaxed and happy if your room, home, office or car is full of mess and litter? Disorder certainly does not bring about a sense of calm – it can rather

Easy de-clutter tips for the new year…

02 January 2019

Feel like pulling your hair out when you walk into your games room after the festive season? Is it overflowing with new toys and older ones from previous years? Now is a great opportunity to take stock of the gifts everyone received. Charity organisations can benefit from donations all year round, not just over Christmas. This can be an ideal way of helping children in need AND you benefit as well

New Year’s storage resolutions

31 December 2018

The most common New Year’s resolutions are: 1. To improve your health and 2. To get your home more organised. Using self-storage can help you accomplish both these resolutions. How? Read on… Better health – No matter how you wish to improve your health, it will most likely include some form of exercise. Gym memberships can work, but it is the most effective and convenient way if you can exercise

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