Working Interstate or Overseas

14 April 2018

So, the company offered you a temporary contract interstate or overseas for a year or 3, and it is possible to temporarily relocate yourself (and the family with you). There will be lots to plan and to do in getting everything set up, from accommodation, transport to travel plans, etc. However, your company will take care of most of that. You (and your family) will have to make other decisions, wh

Packing the car

29 March 2018

Do you often wonder how your parents used to fit in all the kids, pets and luggage in the car for the family holiday? It is amazing what you can manage to fit in if you pack correctly. Here are a few tips to help you fit everyone’s stuff in without too much fuss: Only pack what you really need. Consider your vehicle and how much space it actually has. Take this into account as well as how many pe

Top tips for cleaning your caravan/camper trailer

16 March 2018

It’s in the back of your mind – the caravan/camper trailer needs a good clean inside and out. Here are some easy tips to help you get this job done quick and easy: Do not use high pressure cleaners – it can allow water to seep into potentially weak seals or small gaps. Wash by hand with a good quality detergent – car detergent works well for caravans too. Use a sponge or brush with an extension h

Outgrowing your current space?

02 March 2018

Are you slowly outgrowing the space in your current home? Do you need to clear out an extra bedroom for a new arrival, or family member which will stay for a while? Can’t afford to move or love where you live? Self-storage may be the answer for you! With storage units in any size you may need – you will be surprised how much you can store and still have access to anything you may need. With

Is your garage/shed overflowing? We can help!

16 February 2018

Are you avoiding going into the garage or shed, since you cannot find anything in there anyway? Don’t despair! Follow these steps and create the useful space you want, plus make it so much easier to find anything you need! If you store vehicles in there – take them out, so you have space to work. (If not, you may need to choose a mild weather day, so you can log some outside space to get the job

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