Easy Storage supports local charity Soul Soup Patrol

13 November 2020

Boxes Here at Easy Storage Rockingham we sell new and second hand boxes in as many sizes as you can imagine.We have always had a buy back scheme in place, where we will buy back your used boxes after your move when you have unpacked all your stuff.This helps the environment by reducing landfill and also provides plenty of second hand boxes available for people to buy at much lower prices.Now o

Easy Tips for packing books

23 October 2020

Books are precious Here at Easy Storage Rockingham we understand that, although we live in a digital age, books are still a very valuable possession for many of our customers.It is therefore vital to pack your precious books properly!Books can be quite sensitive items to pack and move without any damage, so it is important to take special care when packing them. Take care If you do not h

It’s Time to Spring Clean!

12 October 2020

Here at Easy Storage Rockingham we are happy to welcome the change in weather. Spring has arrived in full swing, and along with the warmer weather it has brought cobwebs and dust from the easterlies…  It is time for a big clean! But where to start? Easy Storage Rockingham has put together a simple and easy to follow checklist for you. If you spread the task over a few weekends, you only need to sp

Help for cleaning out a messy closet

09 September 2020

Storage space At Easy Storage Rockingham, we are always keen to help you get your storage space organised.One area that always seems to get messy, is the good old wardrobe.Our friendly staff are keen to provide some easy to follow tips to help you address the mess and make the most of the storage space you have! Time for change Are you always wearing the same outfits through the week

Tips on how to pack a trailer

22 August 2020

Moving house Thinking of using a furniture trailer when you are moving? Using a trailer is a very convenient and easy way to get your moving done. At Easy Storage Rockingham we have 2 large enclosed furniture trailers for hire at very affordable prices – contact us  Why use a trailer? A trailer is a more affordable option to move your belongings from point A to B. You can fit much more in a lar

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