Relationship Break-ups – Is There a Storage Solution?

15 April 2019

You never imagined it would come to this, did you? All the wonderful plans of living together, the house, the furniture, all have to go… A break-up was never part of your plans, but the reality now forces you to find solutions that will get you back on track. We can help you with a temporary storage solution: Sudden choices: Amidst feelings of hurt, anger, disappointment or maybe even relief, the

Three Reasons to Hire a Storage Unit

01 April 2019

When you’re looking around your home, do you notice piles of unneeded items lying around? Is it time to sort through those boxes? See below for a list of reasons why you should store! Your spare room is used for storage Is your spare bedroom filled with boxes? Clothes in piles? Washing racks, extra storage boxes filled with things you haven’t used in years? Maybe it is time to consider hiring a

How to REALLY clean up your bedroom – properly…

18 March 2019

We have shown you how to cheat your way into making others believe your room is clean and tidy.  And you may get away with this many times and survive. Now we will help you to actually organise it properly with a few easy steps: Take all your stuff out of their current locations – Yes, it may seem like too much and you are making a bigger mess. However, this will give you the best end result. Rem

How to organise your bedroom in 10 minutes!

04 March 2019

So, you promised your mum you would have your room organised before you go to the party. Now it’s almost time to go and you have to do something FAST! You look around and it looks like a disaster area… clothes, books, empty dishes, you name it… Yes, off course you had heaps of time to actually clean your room but you didn’t and now it’s crunch time. You need to do it NOW – here are some spee

Great moving tip: Pack a First-Night-Box

11 February 2019

Moving is a stressful event for most people. You can make things much easier on you and the whole family by packing a First-Night-Box. This box will contain the last items you may need after most of your household is packed up, and the first box you will unpack in your new place. Here are some great ideas what you should include in your First Night Box: Toilet Paper Toiletries Medications Snacks

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